Flashes of Our Lives- weeks 4 & 5

So.. I haven't been doing very well with this picture project.. oops! 

Here's the pics I did take, and I am going to try to better this week! :)

Week 4:

Monday- kids with Dad

Tony is the best Daddy, I am so blessed to have such an awesome little family!

Tuesday- friends

Siblings can be friends, right? 

We stayed home today & the kids played together nicely for awhile this afternoon.

Wednesday- beating the heat

Aidan & I made these fun rainbow pudding pops together.. they were good!

Thursday- something you cooked/prepared to eat

Aidan's favorite breakfast lately, egg in the hole!

Saturday- wildlife

Not really that great of a wildlife picture.. but our kitty Abby was watching the birds in the backyard, trying to figure out which one she wanted to eat I'm sure! ;)

(Sadly, this is the last picture I got of Abby.. we had to put her to sleep last week as she had a serious lung infection that would eventually take her life.. I miss her so!)

I didn't get anything for week 5.. Aidan was busy with VBS in the morning all last week & he loved it! Adalyn & I ran errands while Aidan was away, and enjoyed the time together. 

.. Here's the picture list for this week.. hoping to get all of them!

Week 6:

Monday- cleaning
Tuesday- a kid (not yours)
Wednesday- something patriotic
Thursday- on (or off) the road
Friday- animals
Saturday- food
Sunday- hello or goodbye

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  1. I loved the pictures you got!! Sooo sorry to read about your sweet kitty!