Flashes of Our Lives- week 8!

Weird Science:
Aidan had fun experimenting with baking soda & vinegar, 
he called the reactions "little explosions!"

Some Kind of Wonderful:
I loved watching my boys run around soaking each other with squirt guns, 
it makes me happy to watch them play together.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles:
The ride to swim lessons this week have been S L O W moving, 
the construction wasn't very fun to go through every morning!

The Breakfast Club:
We were up bright & early every day this week for Aidan's swim lessons!

Pretty In Pink:
Our sweet Adalyn, all smiles at dinner time!

The Great Outdoors:
Addie had me up quite early Sunday morning, 
so we went outside & watched the sunrise together!


  1. LOve love love these pictures!! The sunrise is beautiful!