30 weeks!

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile.. 
I think that it is true that you DEFINITELY don't take as many pictures 
with your second child as you do your first.. oops!

Anyways, I made it to 30 weeks on Tuesday!
I can't believe that I am in my third trimester already.. it's going so fast!

Here's my lovely belly!

Our little girl hasn't been moving very much lately, 
so while at the doctor last week they had me take a non-stress test, 
which we failed miserably! 

Poor little girl just doesn't want to move for Mommy!

So.. we got to take a peek inside & see what she is up to in there! 

She was just fine, the ultrasound tech said that she may just be a sleepy/lazy baby.. 
wouldn't that be wonderful??!! 
(compared to Aidan lately, that would be GREAT!)

Here she is! 
I wasn't expecting another ultrasound, 
so it was nice to see how much she has grown since our last peek!

The only other concern is that I have developed gestational diabetes...

I am checking my blood sugar 4 times a day & Aidan loves helping & reminding me.. 
it's just SO hard to stay away from the sweets this time of year! :(

I go see my nutritionist this week to find out if I need to go on insulin, 
as my numbers are higher than she wants them to be.. wish me luck!

One more thing that I am struggling with is insomnia.. NOT fun!

As I type this, it's 4 am & I have been up since 1.. very frustrated that
I can't sleep & dreading the duties of the morning when Aidan wakes up..
hopefully I'll grow tired soon!

..I would like to thank my mom for being so wonderful over the weekend by
watching Aidan for me while I got some rest during the day.. LOVE YOU MOM! :)


glow stick bath!

Lately, I have been completely addicted to Pinterest.. I am embarrassed to say that I have wasted WAY too much time exploring all the goodness of that website!

Anyways.. I stumbled upon one of my friend's pins.. glow stick baths! 

Once I saw it, I KNEW that we had to do it with Aidan.. 
he LOVED it!

My pictures are terrible, he wouldn't sit still very long.. he was having so much fun!

Aidan was in the tub for a good hour that night! :)

..better late than never!

Yeah, so it's been awhile since I have posted anything..
I have no excuse, except complete laziness! 

We haven't been up to very much around here, Aidan is really enjoying preschool, and I am counting down the days til we have our new baby!
I have been VERY tired lately, and not very ambitious! :(

We celebrated Aidan's 4th birthday at Gull Meadow Farms this year, can't believe he's 4 already!

He had fun running around Pumpkin Lane with everyone, and of course.. the presents! 

We also had a bunch of fun carving pumpkins this year..
Aidan wanted NOTHING to do with the insides of the pumpkins! 

I LOVE this pic of Tony showing Aidan the pumpkin guts.. he looks like he is terrified! ;)

We still had fun carving though, Aidan told us what he wanted & we went to work! 

For Halloween this year, Aidan wanted to be Wolverine! He had fun chasing people around with his fake claws, and loved trying to keep up with all the kids while he was trick or treating.

We went trick or treating in my Dad's neighborhood, I love it because it's where I went as a kid! Plus, the houses are spread out a bit, so Aidan gets tired before he gets too much candy! ;)