It was almost the end of summer,
 perfect for Adalyn's first picnic at the park! :)

We sat down for about 2 minutes & already had some guests!

Aidan loved all the attention from the geese, which he kept calling ducks.

Patiently waiting for us to feed them! 

Addie could have cared less about the geese, 
she was too busy playing with her brother's toys!

When she did notice them, she was in awe of them! :)

It was such a nice day,

Aidan had fun chasing the "ducks" and laughed when they hissed at him.

Love my goofy boy! 

7 months old

I am so terrible at adding Adalyn's monthly pictures!

(she's almost 9 months old now.. oops!)

Adalyn is such a happy little girl! She only fusses when she's hungry or tired.. she is very easy to please! Her smile brightens the room, and her laugh is contagious.. she is VERY ticklish! We can't wait to see what she has in store for us next!


Aidan has LOVED seeing his cousin Hayley so much lately,
she & Aidan together are definitely high energy! 

(actually, here's a down moment.. reading to Adalyn!)

Being silly!

My favorite picture, love these kids!

flashes of our lives- week 16

Had fun with the pictures this week!

Loved One:

Aidan had his first Show & Tell in class this week, 
he took his beloved puppies with him to school!

Action Shot:

This is pretty much what we do every day after school!

Pattern in Nature:

My best friend has a HUGE garden this year, with some gorgeous sunflowers!


We went to a wedding this weekend in a park in Leonidas,
it was a gorgeous day for a wedding, the water was glistening!


"Take a picture of my chewed crackers Mommy!" Lovely. 

Black & White:

Outdoor wedding reception entertainment!

flashes of our lives- week 15

I completely forgot to post last week's photos! Oops!

Here's what I got:

Back to School:

Aidan had to be up bright & early to catch the bus at 6:40! 
He was so excited, I was so emotional.. not quite ready for my boy to go to kindergarten..
he did amazingly well!


Our living room floor never seems to stay picked up very long..
it is constantly decorated with toys!

Looking Down:

Adalyn was playing on the floor, giving me a "what?" look as I took her picture! :)

At Work:

Aidan had a weekend homework assignment, to decorate an apple with found objects from home.. no crayons, pencils or markers could be used.. he loved digging through our craft stash to make his apple!

On My Plate:

We had grilled cedar planked salmon TWICE this week.. it was that good! 
Love that Tony enjoys grilling, I enjoy eating it! ;)

End of Summer:

Black walnuts are everywhere in our backyard, that means that fall is almost here!


flashes of our lives- week 14

Here's my pics from last week.. only got 4! 

Tony & I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary last week! 
He surprised me with flowers when he came home for lunch.. which I loved!
The stargazer lilies were just opening & smelled wonderful!

Went to the campground with my mom this weekend, fall is definitely in the air already!

Aidan had a blast playing with his friends at the campground,
they were all taking turns soaking each other with the hose!

What's camping without a fire? 
It was nice to hang out by the fire with my mom after the kids were asleep :)