flashes of our lives- week 9

Daily Routine:
So.. here was our Monday morning routine.. or complete lack of one! 
Aidan was completely zoned out watching TV.

Self Portrait:
Took a pic of myself in Addie's room while she was asleep.

I have been trying for months to get Aidan to try Nutella,
he FINALLY did & loved it! (I knew he would!)

Just a magazine & a bill today!

a Collection:
Aidan has started to collect Pez dispensers,
he has 23 of them & loves to play with them..
love that he is always on the lookout for more to add to his collection.

Favorite Drink:
I know that this is a terrible drink choice, but I LOVE Mt. Dew!
Tastes good AND keeps me awake? Sold.

Aidan's flip flops, always right by the front door & ready for him to grab & go! 


  1. What a great picture of Aidan at the top! I think I have that exact same shirt!! I'm afraid to try nutella.. I'm afraid I will like it to much! Still love getting anything other than junk or bills in the mail :-) What a fun collection.. I'm drinking a MD right now! I love seeing our big boys in flip flops.. they are Sammy's favorite!

  2. Aidan gets zoned like your dad does...break that
    while he is young.

    1. Yeah.. I have that bad habit too, guess he inherited it from me! :)