more sprinkler fun..

still wouldn't run through it.. he only liked the super small setting of the sprinkler, just his size! :)

sprinkler time!

It is such a nice day today.. time to break out the sprinkler!! Aidan wasn't too sure at first.. but liked getting his toes wet after he watched Mommy do it!

I didn't let him play for too long, he had some chores to do.. gotta mow the lawn!!! :)

Aidan's art

Here is some of Aidan's artwork from his Gymboree art class, that concluded last week. He learned all about colors & made quite a mess with paints each week!

He is now taking a Global Kids class on Tuesdays.. every week, a different country! Today was all about Canada.. we sang songs & pretended to go ice fishing! .. Aidan LOVES Gymboree!


week 20

congratulations Sarah!

Last weekend we traveled to Spring Arbor University to attend Sarah's graduation! I am so glad that we could go, even though Aidan was quite the stinker & would NOT sit still!
We are so happy & proud of you Sarah! :)

fun in the dryer?

Lately, whenever I am folding clothes, Aidan wants to be put in the dryer.. I have no idea why he loves it in there so much.. but he just laughs & laughs!

He's done this twice now.. I'm glad we have stackables.. so he can't get in it by himself! :)


We went to the campground for a visit this weekend & Aidan was excited to watch Grammie's new screen-room being put up! He's NOT supposed to be pushing his face up against it.. sorry Grampie! :)

One of the kids let Aidan take a test drive on his little quad.. Aidan loved it!

Great-Grandpa also came out for a visit!

playing outside

Aidan has so much fun playing in his little clubhouse.. I decided to join him! :)



I think this video is going to be funny for just Tony & I.. but thought I'd share anyways!

Aidan LOVES this book that has all sorts of different trucks in it, and in the first couple of pages, there is a picture of a tractor (which is Aidan's new favorite word..)
and upon looking through this book with him, he continually points at almost every photo & says "tractor!" (or in Aidan talk.. "tractrrrrrrr!"...)

Guess you had to be there.. we couldn't stop laughing! :)

so tired...

Aidan & Micah were so tired, they couldn't stay awake for the short ride from Galesburg to our house last week.. they were so cute fast asleep in the backseat!

week 19

can't.. stay.. awake..

Poor Aidan, he tried SO hard to stay awake with Daddy the other night!


week 18

Sorry, wasn't feeling too creative last night when I whipped this together.. oh, well! At least I got it done & am still somewhat caught up :)

car ride

This Saturday we took a road trip to Midland to visit with my Grandpa, who is in town from California. Aidan was SO good for the drive, and was perfectly content reading his books in the backseat! I thought he would get fussy, but he was great!

I wasn't able to take any pictures of the visit, Aidan had us running all over the place.. getting into everything! Hopefully some will be emailed to me soon..
Aidan had a great time meeting his Great-Grandpa!

tractor ride #2!

Uncle Shiner stopped over after farming last week & Aidan was so excited to see the big tractor up close! He & Daddy went for a little ride while our garden was plowed up.. he was loving it!
Now Aidan points at the tractors as they drive by & says "tractrrrrrrrrrrrrr"! :)



Aidan & Bryson had so much fun at the park today.. with them being so close in age, it is fun to watch them play together..
They especially liked checking out the river, and chasing eachother around!

Lily's 1st birthday!

Aidan had such a good time at Lily's 1st birthday party, it was so beautiful outside and he had fun with all the little kids!
Lily was so cute with her first cake! :)

I think his favorite part was eating cake & ice cream.. he is such a little pig!

tractor ride

Aidan loved playing on the riding mower & getting a ride!
..I don't think Tony's ever had this much fun mowing the lawn!
..after the carnival, Kenzie took us on a tour around her school
(my old elementary school!) & showed Aidan around the playground..
..he loved playing with her!

Mommy & Daddy had fun playing too! :)


We had so much fun taking Aidan to Northwood Elementary's school carnival! He was kind of little to play most of the games, but he cheated very well! :)

..especially on this ball game above where he was clearly NOT behind the line.. and getting lots of help from Daddy at the cake walk too!

.. not even trying to put the balls into the cans, he wanted to take them & run away!
He was so cute playing around, and his little friend Lily was there for the fun too! Here he is giving her a kiss goodbye.. :)

(p.s.. sorry for the horrible picture quality, I did something to the
camera & didn't notice it until later.. oops!)

it had to happen eventually...

..Aidan's artwork on the wall, isn't it pretty?? :)