I had the pleasure of watching Micah yesterday & Aidan loved his company!
.. after coming back from a quick bathroom break, I noticed both of them gawking at the TV together.. having some real quality male bonding time! :)


what's in a name?

I found the idea for this page on my new favorite blog & had to try it!
I love that I finally got to use my favorite picture of Aidan.. he's such a silly goof! :)


the new way to watch TV..

.. Aidan had so much fun last night climbing on me, he got comfortable & watched TV for a bit while sitting on my head!

week 3


week 2

Here's week 2! I realized that remembering to take a picture a day is going to get hard, especially with my memory!.. hopefully I'll stick to it, and not forget! :)
(okay Lisa.. I wanna see yours!!!)


just some pics from Aidan's bath today.. I practically had to drag him out of the tub, he was so wrinkly & having too much fun! :)


project 365

My new project for the year is to take one picture, no matter how insignificant it is.. and scrap it. A picture a day for 2009. I can't wait to have a whole book filled with all of the little things that make up our lives for the year.
Here's my first (full) week!


loving the Thundercats!

I have no idea why I saved these toys.. maybe because I was obsessed with the Thundercats when I was little, coming home from school everyday & watching every episode.. never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day my son would be playing with them too!
He was dragging them EVERYWHERE with him today.. I had to laugh, they are 25 years old & putting Aidan's other toys to shame! :)


silly boys

Aidan has been all about spending time with his Daddy for the past few weeks!
Tony is so great with Aidan, and I love watching them play together.. here they are being silly with the camera!


I have never been so excited about appliances before.. but my new washer & dryer are hooked up and ready to go! Finally.. I can do my own laundry, in my own home! Yay!!! :)
Here's Aidan, checking out the new washer with Grammie!


Aidan's new cousin!

Aidan's new little cousin Hayley was born on Monday, but he didn't get the chance to meet her until tonight!
He wasn't too sure about her.. but he did try to touch her & share his pacifier with her!
I loved spending some time with Hayley too! We are so happy for Sarah & Rob.. Hayley's beautiful!!