thoughts going around in my head:

- I REALLY need to finish cleaning & getting rid of/donating things in the rest of the rooms in our home, so far Aidan's room & the living room are done.. but the snowy, dreary days are making me feel VERY unmotivated!

- a stray kitty has made it's way into our home.. it is so cold & I couldn't stand to keep her outside! I have posted a lost & found ad for her on Craigslist, but am secretly hoping that no one will claim her.. she is SO adorable & lovey-dovey!

- I can't wait to go to my friend Carol's tonight, she hosts monthly stamping events & we are making a photo album tonight!

- I love the fact that Aidan is potty-trained now.. but does he have to keep his poo in the toilet to show me everytime before he flushes??? 

- Is it bad that I still have a Christmas wreath on our front door? Ugh.. I need to take it down!

- I'm finally making Aidan's baby book, something that should have been completed a LONG time ago, and I am happy & sad doing it. I cannot believe that my baby is growing up so fast! :(


better late than never!

I am so frustrated with my blog right now.. it seems that every time I try to change something, it messes the WHOLE thing up! Grr..

SO.. I just don’t have the time right now to play around with it.. maybe it will magically fix itself!

Anyways, here is Christmas morning.. I KNOW.. I am so horribly behind!! :)

Here’s Aidan waking up to find that Santa came!


All this boy asked for for Christmas was a big tractor, and Santa sure delivered!

He was so excited about his new John Deere.


Here’s my favorite part.. the stockings! I love, I mean, uh... Santa loves to fill up the stockings every year! :)


Our cat Puff, was up with us early that morning too!

Doesn’t’ he look SO excited?


Now, no Christmas morning is complete without a half awake/still in your pajamas photo!


After all of the present opening excitement, I went off to make breakfast while Daddy & Aidan played with all the new stuff!

Grammie & Grampie came over to eat with us & check out Aidan’s gifts, and Aidan made Grammie play Cootie with him!


He went to Grampie next & had him read some Christmas books to him :)


It was a nice morning at home, I think we stayed in our pajamas all day!


tiny talk tuesday

Things around here at lunchtime have been less than interesting lately.. 
here's Aidan, asking for his favorite.. for the 4th time in a row!!!

(LOVE his super goofy mispronunciation!!!)

Yay for peanut butter & jelly!!! :)


5 Question Sunday!


It’s been a lazy kinda Sunday around here today.. Tony & I are starting to feel yucky again, hoping that our colds don’t make a reappearance! Ugh.. we hate getting sick!

Anyways, I have had enough energy to sit around & check out my favorite blogs!

Here’s my answers from 5QF.. on Sunday!

1. What is your current favorite book, and why? I am reading 1984 right now, and struggling through it.. so it is definitely NOT a current favorite.. but I do have a favorite that I can read & re-read, it’s White Oleander by Janet Fitch.

White Oleander

I LOVE this book.

So.. if you ever have the chance to read it, do so! I couldn’t put the thing down!

2. Do you go to the dentist regularly? Well, no. I go once a year. I know,, I am supposed to go every 6 months.. but I feel that I don’t need to, and I will tell you why!.. I brush twice a day, sometimes three, I floss AND I have never had any cavities.. so, I go once a year.

Now, for our son, he will go twice a year! :)

3. What is your worst memory from High School? Ugh.. the constant pressure to fit in, and I have NO idea why I cared so much what people thought of me.. yep, I would have to say the need for acceptance & to fit in with everyone.

4. What do you hope to be remembered for in your life? I want to be remembered as a loving wife, mother.. and grandmother! I try to go out of my way to be helpful to people, and I hope that it has left an impact on someone!

5. Are you superstitious or do you have any superstitions? This is kind of embarrassing, and Tony LOVES to tease me about it, but I HATE odd numbers. For instance, the TV volume is always on an even number, the car radio volume is on an even number.. if it can be set on an even number around here, it always is.. and Tony likes to ‘change’ it on me periodically!
I don’t think that I need therapy yet.. I seem to be functioning alright so far!!! 


Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve, we made a trip downtown to check out all of the lights!


Aidan was in awe of all of the Christmas decorations & lights.. it was well worth walking around in the cold to see him so happy!

My favorite, Candy Cane Lane!




Aidan also loved the nativity scene & spent quite awhile admiring it.. he also had to “pet” each one of the sheep!


Had to take more family pics too..


Our little family, my stepdad Gary & my mom.


Love my Mom! :)

When we got home, we changed into our PJ’s & let Aidan open a gift from under the tree.. our new tradition!

Each year, we are going to open one gift on Christmas Eve, a new family game that we can all play together before bedtime. this year it was Cootie! :)


Aidan was so excited about this game, and he won too!


After a few rounds of Cootie, we got Aidan settled down for bed..


but not without leaving a treat out for Santa first!

Up next.. Christmas morning! :)

Christmas cookies!

I was excited to have my friend Michelle come over to decorate cookies this year, I knew Aidan would love it.. and who doesn’t love Christmas cookies???

We got up early that morning to make the cut-out cookies, Aidan was very eager to help!

122010 005122010 003

I was so proud of our little guy.. he was really getting into the baking!

When it came time to decorate the cookies, I realized that I made the glaze a bit runny.. oops. The cookies still tasted great though!

Here’s Aidan, decorating his first cookie of the day.. it was quite a MESS!

122010 015

Doesn’t his finished cookie look delicious??

122010 016

Oh man, I was dying of laughter.. I think it needed more sprinkles, don’t you?? :)

Once the kids got bored & wanted to play, Michelle & I took our turn at decorating (and eating!)..

122010 021


family Christmas

Here are some pictures of our Christmas gathering at my mom’s house, it is always fun every year & so nice to see everyone too!

All the kids in front of the Christmas tree, patiently waiting to open presents!


Here’s me with my step-sisters & our hubbies, and then with our kiddos!


The poor kids were still waiting to open gifts..

IMG_2503122010 025

I absolutely LOVE this pic of Aidan & Hayley.. looks like she’s wanting to tell Aidan to get his own spot to wait!!! :)


Yay! We finally have some presents!

122010 027

Present opening goes kinda fast here.. with paper flying everywhere!


Aidan got so many cool gifts, and had such a great time with his cousins too! :)