flashes of our lives- week 9

Daily Routine:
So.. here was our Monday morning routine.. or complete lack of one! 
Aidan was completely zoned out watching TV.

Self Portrait:
Took a pic of myself in Addie's room while she was asleep.

I have been trying for months to get Aidan to try Nutella,
he FINALLY did & loved it! (I knew he would!)

Just a magazine & a bill today!

a Collection:
Aidan has started to collect Pez dispensers,
he has 23 of them & loves to play with them..
love that he is always on the lookout for more to add to his collection.

Favorite Drink:
I know that this is a terrible drink choice, but I LOVE Mt. Dew!
Tastes good AND keeps me awake? Sold.

Aidan's flip flops, always right by the front door & ready for him to grab & go! 


Flashes of Our Lives- week 8!

Weird Science:
Aidan had fun experimenting with baking soda & vinegar, 
he called the reactions "little explosions!"

Some Kind of Wonderful:
I loved watching my boys run around soaking each other with squirt guns, 
it makes me happy to watch them play together.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles:
The ride to swim lessons this week have been S L O W moving, 
the construction wasn't very fun to go through every morning!

The Breakfast Club:
We were up bright & early every day this week for Aidan's swim lessons!

Pretty In Pink:
Our sweet Adalyn, all smiles at dinner time!

The Great Outdoors:
Addie had me up quite early Sunday morning, 
so we went outside & watched the sunrise together!


flashes of our lives- week 7

I actually got all of my photos done for the week!

Low light:
Tony & I sat outside & enjoyed watching this spider 
make it's web on the corner of our porch.

Our new kitten loves to play.. here he is waiting to jump out of our newspaper basket at me!

Quiet time:
Adalyn taking her morning nap in her crib.

Mommy time:
I have been using my spare time this week trying to finish up our 2011 scrapbook.

Something green:
Tony's zucchini plant is starting to produce zucchinis!

The number 5:
My mom & I had fun shopping at the new Five Below store!

I love Adalyn's little swirl of hair on the top of her head! :)

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4th of July!

We were invited to spend the 4th with my best friend & her family this year!

They always have a big party at her mom's home.. 
starting with a water balloon fight!

I think Michelle & I filled 400 water balloons that day!

We both didn't waste any time getting wet with the balloon fight.. it was HOT out!

Aidan had balloons AND a soaker pack on!

The boys taking a break.. already soaked!

Michelle & I, completely drenched!

Very wet family! (except napping Adalyn) 

Jeffy having fun lighting off smoke bombs..

..Kyle & Aidan had fun watching from the tree house!

Michelle LOVED having a bunch of baby time that day!

Aidan was in boy heaven at the party,
there was a tree house with a rock climbing wall..

a zip line.. (that he rode 1000 times!)

.. and he got special attention from Jeffy & Kyle's grandma too!
Here he is shooting off a roman candle with Kathy..

..later on, Kathy took Aidan for a ride in the backhoe!.. 

..he was one spoiled kid! 
It was so much fun to watch him have a great time!

Addie also had fun & this girl LOVES the heat! 

She loved all the attention from everyone too!
Aidan was off playing with the kids, so it was kind of fun to love on Adalyn all day!

I've got to say, it was a great 4th with some great friends!

Tae Kwon Do!

Our little guy has been quite busy lately with Tae Kwon Do!

Aidan has class twice a week and loves it!
I love that it has challenged him and is building up his confidence.

Here he is practicing kicks with Master Sue:

Aidan has several other little friends in his classes too!

Practicing standing & walking kicks with Master M'hammed:

Aidan is really dying to get his next belt, yellow.. 
I'm trying to teach him the art of patience too! ;)


We had a fun day at the zoo with Uncle Rob, Aunt Sarah & Hayley.. 
my mom & step-dad also joined us, they had never been to the zoo before! 

I think Aidan & Hayley enjoyed being pulled around in the wagon all day!
I think we all took turns pulling them too!

 Hayley checking out the animals with Grandpa:

Aidan watching the animals with Grammie: 

Adalyn even enjoyed the zoo! 

The kids having fun at the African exhibit:

Aidan getting close to one of the giraffes! 

Hayley's turn to feed one with her Daddy:

Tony got to pet one too! 

I was so bummed that the new baby giraffe didn't come out that day, 
I bet he is so cute!

Addie was pooped after the giraffes!

After lunch, we took a train ride!

 The kids had fun running around together & playing:

On our way out, both kids got to get an up close look at a bearded dragon!

We had such a good time!