first day of preschool!

Aidan started preschool last week! 

I still can't believe that our little guy is in school.. 
it sure is quiet at home without him here in the afternoon!

Here's some pics from his first day!

Posing at home for Mommy:

Waiting for the doors to open to his classroom!

Aidan's preschool teacher, Ms. Kline LOVES the Cat in the Hat & Dr. Seuss, 
so it is EVERYWHERE in the classroom! 
I love how it is painted outside on the windows too! 

Once we got in, Ms. Kline gets a hug from each child &
squirts their hands with anti-bacterial lotion.. 
it took me forever to figure out why Aidan looked like he was praying in this picture.. 
he was rubbing his hands together!

(Tony had fun teasing me that Aidan was praying for Mommy to stop taking his picture!!) 

Once he was settled, it was hard for me to leave him! 

I was kinda lost at home without him the first day, but am slowly starting 
to enjoy my little bit of freedom.. gonna have to enjoy it while it lasts, 
the baby is coming in January! :)

At 4:00, I make my way outside and wait for the bus.. 

..he's home!

Aidan is growing up SO fast, and he loves school!