week 42

10 more weeks to go..
I am SO ready to cross this project off of my to-do list! :)


glad we live in the country!

Man, it was HOT today!

I am such a wimp when it comes to heat & humidity.. it was only about 80-85 degrees today, but I was ready for it to cool down!

Aidan was too.. here's some pictures of our munchkin enjoying the sprinkler,
he HAD to be naked..!!!

That water was so cold, I have no idea how he kept running through it!

Aidan also took a break, to do some naked lawn mowing!

Another break.. getting rehydrated,

before going on some naked Jeep riding! :)

What a goof!

Happy Birthday Hayley!

Aidan had so much fun celebrating his cousin Hayley's birthday Saturday..
what a beautiful day for a party!

Hayley actually turned one in December, but you can't have an awesome outdoor party in the snow! :)

I can't believe how big she is getting!

Aidan enjoyed Hayley's swingset with Grampie..

.. as Hayley opened up her presents!

Time for cake!

Aidan was super jealous of her new bubble mower! :)

He loved playing with his cousin Trent, although I think Trent got sick of riding the teeter-totter with Aidan all the time!

Here's all the grandkids, getting so big!

It was so nice to spend the afternoon with family,
we ♥ you guys!

monster cookie

I know that I am pretty crazy for allowing my child to consume this much sugar in one sitting.. but when I was little, my mom used to take me to Mackenzie's Bakery to pick out a "monster cookie" as a treat..

Well, when we were at the grocery store this week & saw "monster cookies" in the bakery.. I had to relive this childhood memory & get one for Aidan.

Look at all of it's sugary goodness!

I have to admit, these cookies are way lower in quality than the bakery my mom used to take me to.. but hey, Aidan could care less.. chocolate chip cookies & frosting? He's gonna love it!

Taking the first bite & making a MESS!

Yep, I think he'd say it was finger licking good!

We have to try to make a trip to Mackenzie's Bakery, to see if they still make the original monster cookies.. & Mommy will eat one with Aidan too! :)

little critter

We had a visitor just sitting on our driveway last week..
Aidan was VERY curious about it!

Mommy HAS to hold anything that is cute & fuzzy! :)

This little baby chipmunk was so stinkin' cute
& scared to death!

I enjoyed my time with it though, he was so adorable.. and Aidan loved watching it too!

We made sure to let him go FAR away from our two roaming cats!

pretend play

I love Mom to Mom sales.. but I should have known better when I went to one recently with Aidan & he spotted this farm playset- he HAD to have it!

I need to remember next time that those sales have more than just clothes!

Anyways.. Aidan loves his new toy, and I love watching him play with it..

Aidan is growing up so fast, it was bittersweet watching him play & put everything in the correct spots.. he was entertained for hours!

I love that he was so into "feeding" the horses , and making sure each animal was in the correct spot in his new barn!

This purchase was definitely worth the 10 bucks! :)


5 Question ..Saturday!

Yep.. I'm late, again. Better late than never! :)

1. Take your pick.. date night, girls night out, or night out alone? Definitely a date night. I would much rather spend quality time with Tony than go out without him or by myself!

2. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? Nope.

3. What is your favorite flower & why? Foxglove.. aren't they beautiful? Why?.. because they are gorgeous!

4. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself?
Do NOT care what other people think.. those who mind don't matter & those who matter don't mind!

5. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? I would probably faint, or call Tony.. or maybe call Tony & then faint! :)


Tot School- Letter K!

Tot School

I know it has been a long time since we have participated in Tot School.. but it doesn't mean that we haven't been doing anything!
Aidan hasn't been too keen on Mommy's structured activities, so we took a break for awhile. We are back, and we had so much fun learning about the letter K!

Here's Aidan gluing on his K objects, although he thought the king was a "guy" & the kitten was a "cat."

Our letter K was covered in kisses.. and yep, Aidan & I wore lip gloss to kiss our K! :)

We took advantage of all the leftover jellybeans from Easter to cover an uppercase & lowercase K.

Aidan & Daddy had a fun time with this sticker book about knights.. there were SO many stickers, and Aidan loved putting each on in the right spot!
These books come in different themes, I am going to definitely get some more!

My favorite activity this week was making Kool-Aid playdough!
Aidan picked out what color he wanted, and we whipped up a batch!

It smelled so good!
Aidan liked making key prints with his new play-dough..

..but enjoyed driving his tractor over it even more!

In preparation for our next activity, I had Aidan glue kites on for these bunnies..

..sorry bunny on the end, guess you don't get a kite! :)

When Daddy got home from work, it was a PERFECT day to fly a kite!

This only lasted for about 5 minutes though, as Aidan jumped on the kite when it hit the ground.. and broke it. It was still a fun time though!

We wrapped up the week by making kitchen utensil paintings!
Aidan liked this, and I did too!

Here's the finished masterpiece!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend & Mother's Day!



1. What's the worst memory of your sibling(s)? Umm.. next!

2. What was YOUR naughtiest childhood memory? (must be something YOU did, not pawning it off on someone else!) Oh man, when I think about this, I am SO embarrassed for myself.. I was so dumb. I think I was about 10 or so.. my friend Michelle & I were bored out of our minds one afternoon, so.. we decided to prank my neighbors. We brainstormed about what would be the funniest thing to do, and we decided to order a pizza to be delivered to them.. of course, we didn't pay for it, and watched as the delivery guy & my neighbor were dumbfounded about the whole thing.. apparently, that wasn't funny enough, so we decided to go a bit further.. I then called a taxi to my neighbors home! I remember dying of laughter with Michelle as the taxi was honking outside my neighbors home, I am so ashamed of it now.. if I could only go back & NOT do it! :)

3. Where do you like to go to relax? To BED!!!
Sleep is my favorite relaxation technique :)

4. What was the last thing you won? I won a contest from Counting Coconuts.. go check out Mari-Ann's recently revamped blog! :)

5. If you could be on a game show, which one would it be? Definitely Wheel of Fortune.. I swear, I can figure out the answers WAY before the contestants do! :)


Go Tigers!

On Saturday, Tony & I went with our church
to a Tigers game!
It was so nice to get away for the afternoon,
just the two of us.

Plus, it was super cool to see part of our praise team singing the National Anthem! :)

The seats weren't the greatest, but I really didn't care!
It was a beautiful day, and we were kid free! Just kidding, I did love just sitting & enjoying the game though..
..if Aidan came with us, we would be
running all over the place!
We're thinking maybe next year for his first baseball game :)

Tigers won 3-2 in the 9th inning, can't wait for my next date with Tony! :)

Frederik Meijer Gardens

This past Friday, we took a trip with Grammie up to the Meijer Gardens!
We had so much fun, and we timed it perfectly.. it was the last day of the butterfly exhibit, and the opening day of the Dale Chihuly exhibit!
(I ♥ Dale Chihuly!)

Let's go see some butterflies!

Mommy was much more excited about the Chihuly glass, while Aidan & Grammie were hunting for butterflies!

They found some!
All of the butterflies were so pretty, just flying free all around you..

I had never spotted a blue one there before, but we were lucky enough to catch one resting for a minute!

There were feeding stations everywhere too!

Aidan loved being pushed around in his stroller.. I am so glad we thought to bring it with us, we did A LOT of walking!

Playing with Grammie is the huge treehouse for kids, they have an AWESOME kids area!

Aidan's favorite part.. getting wet!
Note to Mommy:bring a swimsuit for Aidan next time! He got soaked! :)

Loved watching him have so much fun!

Frederick Meijer Gardens is a sculpture park, so you can't leave without seeing the DaVinci horse!
It still amazes me at how big it is!

Aidan wasn't too sure about the horse..

..and he preferred this smaller model instead! :)

We spent a bunch of time walking around.. I had to see more Chihuly!
Here are my favs..

Grammie getting a closer look :)

Aidan liked the floating glass, he kept calling these "chocolates"
.. as in Hershey's Kisses! :)

I took SO many pictures..!
Before we went home, Aidan had to have one more turn in the water area..

Mommy got in on the fun too!

Thanks you Grammie, for such an awesome day!
We ♥ you!