Cheerios anyone?

This is what happens while you are taking a shower, and forget to put up the baby gate to the kitchen...

... there were Cheerios everywhere!!! :)


13 months old!

Aidan is growing up so fast, and Tony & I have noticed some little changes in Aidan since he has turned 1..
he's "talking" more & more,
pointing at anything & everything,
crawling at super-fast speed..

.. sleeping with his butt up in the air??
whatever makes you happy cutie!! :)


bubbly baby boy!

..just some cute pics of our little munchkin, doing his favorite thing! Aidan LOVES bathtime, and today Daddy gave him his very first bubble bath! :)



I must be easliy entertained, because when I saw this.. I almost fell off my chair laughing!
I can seriously see one of our cats doing this exact same thing.. and I can hear Aidan giggling at it too! :)


new tree!

Aidan was really surprised looking up at the new Christmas tree today.. we decided to put it up early.. without any ornaments, to see how Aidan would react to it.. and to see if he would try to play with it! (he didn't.. he barely even noticed it was there!) I wasn't ready with my camera, but I did get this blurry picture of his staring up at it.. he had a huge smile on his face afterwards.. I can't wait for his first "real" Christmas! :)

one year pics

I FINALLY got around and had Aidan's one year pics taken! Here's my favorites.. wish Tony didn't have to go to work that day, I didn't know that they'd take some with me in it too!


aidan's first parade!

On Saturday, we took Aidan downtown for the holiday parade.. it was super cold, but so much fun! Aidan loved looking at all of the sights..

..his favorite was this Garfield float!

Aidan watched the parade with his Aunt Shannon too.. her daughter Mackenzie was in the parade as a baton twirler, she was so cute!

All in all, it was a great morning and I love being able to do fun stuff like that with our little family! Aidan has the sniffles right now, hopefully he didn't catch too much of a cold :(


beautiful day!

Today, Aidan and I stopped at Milham Park on the way home from doing some shopping.. it was his first time there, and I couldn't pass it up since it was such a nice day out! He loved crawling around the big playsets, but his favorite part was..

..the swings!!! :)


fun fall day :)

It has been SO beautiful out the past few days! Yesterday was no exception, and Aidan and I took advantage of it! After coming home from going to vote early in the morning, we played outside and rolled around in the leaves together.. I didn't remember how much fun it was :)
I took so many pictures, but the little stinker would NOT smile for me! This one's still my favorite though..


new friend

Today I started my new extremely part-time job.. I am watching a cute little boy named Micah, who is 6 months old. I say "extremely" part-time, because it is only on an as-need basis, but it was so much fun today with the two boys!

Aidan wasn't too sure of Micah at first, but after awhile, he started to share his toys.. and his pacifier too! (silly Aidan!)

It will be a great opportunity for Aidan when I do get to watch Micah.. Aidan doesn't have too many little friends that are close to his age! :)


SO behind...

It frustrates me that I have fallen so behind on my scrapbooking.. I have about 4 projects going, and NO time to do any of them! I did however, whip up some pages of Aidan the other night.. here they are!


For Halloween this year, Aidan dressed up as a little skeleton! He was so cute, and it was such a beautiful night for his first trick or treating experience!
We went to our church, which had their annual "trunk"-or-treating, and Aidan loved looking at all of the kids & costumes!
Later, we took Aidan to the park in Richland, which had a TON of cute kid activities, and a petting zoo too! He loved all of the animals, and was a very tired boy when we got home..
Before getting him ready for bed, he was really fascinated when I dumped out all of the candy that he had collected.. he did pretty good for a first-timer!! :)