flashes of our lives- week 7

I actually got all of my photos done for the week!

Low light:
Tony & I sat outside & enjoyed watching this spider 
make it's web on the corner of our porch.

Our new kitten loves to play.. here he is waiting to jump out of our newspaper basket at me!

Quiet time:
Adalyn taking her morning nap in her crib.

Mommy time:
I have been using my spare time this week trying to finish up our 2011 scrapbook.

Something green:
Tony's zucchini plant is starting to produce zucchinis!

The number 5:
My mom & I had fun shopping at the new Five Below store!

I love Adalyn's little swirl of hair on the top of her head! :)

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  1. very very clever Theresa

  2. Great pictures!! I love the spiderweb picture!!