1 month old

Adalyn at one month:

7 lbs.  

20 1/4 inches

Sleeping most of her day away & waking every 2 hours to eat.. she LOVES to be held & talked to!
We have gotten used to her constant squeaks & grunts.. she's one noisy baby!

first bath!

Adalyn's first bath at home lasted a whole 5 minutes, and she was crying through most of it!

Aidan had to be front & center.. my little helper! :)

She liked the warm water at first, but then wanted to get the heck out of her tub!

..I had forgotten how slippery wet babies are!!! 

All snuggled up after her bath, still not too happy though! 

she's home!

We were SO excited to finally get our little girl home!

Aidan was happy to finally be able to stay home too!

He spent most of the first few days being in awe of her, 
wanting to be by her all of the time!

..and smothering her with TONS of kisses!

Aidan is a wonderful helper, he loves to help feed Addie!

After a week, she was definitely fitting in at home! :)

big brother prep!

Our hospital offered a "Suddenly Siblings" class for younger kids & I thought it would be cute for Aidan to get some hands on practice.. plus, Aidan's preschool teacher taught the class!

Here's Aidan & Ms. Kline.. learning how to swaddle a baby,

learning how to change a baby's diaper, 

and how to feed a baby with a bottle!

Most importantly, he learned how to love a baby!

Definitely a great big brother in the making right there!

Aidan also got to take a tour of the birthplace & even saw a newborn baby, he had already been used to the hospital though.. as Adalyn had already been born a few weeks before the class! :)

more NICU..

Adalyn's time in the NICU was short, but she was always on a schedule!

Her care times were 12-3-6 & 9 around the clock.. 
she would be fed, changed and held at those times, and those times only! 

I would constantly try to make it to her care times that were during the day & evening, 
I was so blessed to have friends & family 
that watched Aidan for me so I could spend time with Addie :)

Grammie even tried to make it up to the hospital as much as she could, 
here she is holding Addie while she had her bili-light on.

Grampie even made it up there to hold her for awhile! :) 

Tony would come up after work every night too!

She was alert for only a few minutes after eating, 
so it was fun to see her awake!

Aidan was a trooper going back & forth to the hospital every night,
he loved to see his sister.. but he's also 4, and got bored quick!

(we always got him a chocolate milk from the cafe downstairs.. which kept him happy!)

Later that week, Adalyn made it to the step-down nursery.. and was on her way home! :)