waiting on breakfast..

I had to keep from laughing as I watched Aidan sit patiently as I made his breakfast, just reading his magazine & waiting.. he looks like an adult waiting at a restaurant for his meal! :)


first apple!

Aidan was real curious about the apple that I was eating, he has had cut up apples, but never a whole one.. I was surprised that he actually got a bite with his dinky little teeth! He loved it!


week 7

..had such a great week! Aidan especially loved seeing his little cousin Hayley on Friday, she is getting so big & cuter every time we see her! :)


week 6

.. had fun with this week, and I am sad to say that my Valentine's Day chocolates are almost gone! I have NO willpower..

'lil bowler!

We went to Brayden's 3rd birthday party this afternoon & Aidan got a chance to try out bowling! He had so much fun running around with the kids.. he loves Brayden! Here's Aidan with the birthday boy & Kenzie..

..trying to bowl with Kylynn..
.. and his score, check it out.. ONE!!!!! hee hee :)

sticky Aidan

We got Aidan a little treat for Valentine's Day.. he loved it! I think he sucked on this thing for a good 20 minutes..
.. he was a super sticky mess! After this, he took a Valentine's Day BATH!!! :)


silly Aidan :)

Aidan & I spent the afternoon with my cousin Tanya today.. while at Walmart, Aidan reached for some sunglasses and I helped him try them on.. what do you think??
I personally like the pink.. very stylish :)


beautiful day!

Aidan & I went outside for a walk today to enjoy the nice weather.. he loved walking around outside, although he needed a little help walking around all of the sticks & black walnuts in the yard!
He is going to have so much fun running around & playing this spring & summer.. I can't wait!


I'm gonna get you!

This is Aidan's new thing.. every day, ALL day, he LOVES to be chased.
Once he hears "I'm gonna get you!".. it's on, and he's off running! :)


weeks 4 & 5

Ugh.. I had so much trouble with these weeks.. I could not get it to look right! (it still looks goofy to me!) Oh, well.. time to start a new week!

Saturday, we went to a pool party for Jeffy & Kyle's birthdays.. Aidan had so much fun, and so did we!

trip to the KIA

Today, I took Aidan to the KIA for his first taste of art! There was a great exhibit there, and Aidan got to see a bunch of great work!
Some of my favorites were the paintings by Picasso, Degas, Cassat, Monet & Pollack.. it was a wonderful display of art and I'm glad that I got to take Aidan.. even though I'm sure he could have cared less..
..they wouldn't let me take pictures inside the exhibit.. so here he is in front of another painting.. what a goof!
Aidan would also like to thank his Grammie & Great-Grandpa for joining him for his first art show! :)


new buddy..

Don & Laurie came over today to watch the Superbowl with us, and Aidan was loving his Uncle Don! Every time Laurie wanted to see Aidan, he would run towards her & go straight to Don.. he was so cute climbing all over Don & playing :)


Aidan was invited to a birthday party at Bounceland Saturday, he had such a good time! He was unsure about all the bouncing at first, but after a few minutes.. he was exploring the kiddie area all by himself! We both had fun taking Aidan up the huge slides too! :)