4 years!

I can't believe that we have been married for 4 years already.. I guess time flies when you're having fun!
Thank you honey, for giving me a love that I never knew existed & for our precious son.. who can be quite the handful at times.. but is worth it! I love you!!! :)

favorite food..

Aidan's favorite food of the summer has got to be corn on the cob! He gets SO excited whenever it's on the menu.. and he sure puts his few teeth to work cleaning those cobs! ..here he is at the campground, pigging out!! :)


weeks 29 & 30

..getting caught up! :)


more cheap fun!

I hate to admit it, but I am absolutely addicted to couponing.. I love sale stuff!
When I saw that Kmart was doing their double coupon event again, I went shopping! (and dragged my mom along so she could get some deals too!)

Here's what I got for only $62.51 ...retail price of it all, $141.46.. woo hoo! :)


cheap fun

Aidan HAS to have his horsey ride every time we go grocery shopping!

fun at the fair

We had fun taking Aidan to the Kalamazoo fair this past week.. Grammie came along too! Aidan loved the rides.. a train ride with Daddy,

and the carousel with Grammie!

Sharing the world's largest sno-cone with Daddy...

playing carnival games too!

HAD to go back to the carousel.. even though he was super tired!

I also got a chance to ride a ride with Aidan.. the ferris wheel.. and I had the death grip on Aidan the whole time! I was so afraid he would get excited & try to jump around.. NO fun on the ferris wheel with Mommy.. we sat completely still! :)



I was trying to get a good picture of Aidan enjoying his ice cream for my picture of the day.. but I think he was quite annoyed at Mommy for having a camera in his face while he was trying to eat.. sheesh!!


swimming at the cottage!

Aidan LOVED our little vacation at the cottage last week, he was a little fish in the water & liked that he could walk around in his swim ring without Mommy & Daddy hovering over him! :)

Aidan also enjoyed laying out on this raft & getting a tan..

but most of all, he taught us that it is important to always wear your life jacket while swimming! :)