hospital stay :(

We've had a pretty exciting week this week, Adalyn has had a terrible cough through the weekend and we took her to the doctor Monday to get her checked, turns out that she has bronchiolitis.. a form of RSV and she needed to be hospitalized. 

We were there for 2 days & since she had a virus, there's nothing they could really do for her. 
She did have her nose sucked out several times (yuck) and got breathing treatments.

She looked so small in her hospital bed!

She slept SO much!
I can only imagine how tired she was, it's no fun to be sick! 

Her big brother was very worried about her & was very happy to hear that we could go home Wednesday.. here he is smothering her with kisses! 
(only on the cheek now, don't want him to get sick too!)


2 months old.

Adalyn at 2 months:

10 lbs. 2 1/2 oz.

21 1/2 inches.

We can't believe that Addie is 2 months old already! 

She was recently diagnosed with GERD, and the medicine has made her a MUCH happier baby!

She is awake for about 2-3 hours a day, and she shows us her super big smile a lot now.. 
which Mommy loves!

She still wakes every few hours to eat, she is a little piggy :)

She is VERY tolerant of her super loud, in her face brother.. she sleeps right through his noise!

She has the most proud big brother! 

It was Aidan's idea to have her monthly pictures taken in his chair.. 
as long as "Adalyn gets her own chair when she grows up!"

a day in the life!

I was going through all the pictures I have taken lately.. 
there's just way too many to post all of them here!

I have been so busy with Adalyn, 
and trying to keep Aidan happy.. he's such a great big brother!
(I am truly blessed that he has adjusted so well.. just wish I had more time for him too!)

Here's a typical day of Addie's:

Sleepy girl..

After she eats, she's all smiles!

Aidan can't wait to get his hands on her in the morning! 
He's always asking to hold her, play with her or he's just by her.. 
he loves her so!

She likes to stare at her toys for about 10 minutes at a time..

Silly Aidan likes to play too!

We usually give her a bath every other day.. which she still doesn't really like!

She LOVES to stare at Aidan's doggy, Dee Dee..
and she likes to look at anything black. 

After all of that excitement, she goes to bed! 
Man, what a hard life! ;)