first sleepover!

It didn't take Aidan long to make a new best friend at school, 
and to have him over to play & stay the night!

Aidan's buddy Jade is so fun & they are definitely two peas in a pod :)

After a long night of playing around, they both passed out pretty quick..
I just had to sneak a pic of them sleeping, they were so cute!

The next morning, we took the boys to Jungle Joe's!

They had a bunch of fun running around together.. wish I had their energy!

I think these two could pass as related.. what do you think? ;)


fall fun!

Adalyn was in awe of all of the leaves here this fall,
she was so excited to play with them all.. and tried to eat a few too!

Couldn't keep her still to get many pictures!

Aidan had fun playing with her outside after we got home from school, 
he loves her so much!

Our kitty Puff also had fun, his outdoor time is getting numbered though, 
as it's getting too cold for him to roam around outdoors.

We also had fun carving pumpkins too! 

Adalyn wasn't too sure of the pumpkins, 
she had fun watching her brother though!

Aidan drew his own faces on his pumpkins this year!

Getting help from Daddy with the carving.

Our finished pumpkins! 
Sorry about the blurry pic, it was really windy that night!

Aidan had a fun Halloween party at school too, 
he was so excited to dress up (he was Darth Vader this year) and have fun with his friends!

Here he is with his buddy Jade, making popcorn witch hands!

He & his friend Dorian posed for a bunch of pictures together, 
since they were both in Star Wars costumes!

Later that night, we stopped by Grammie & Grampie's to get treats & then went on to a local church that was hosting an indoor trick or treating event!

The indoor trick or treating was perfect for our little Princess Leia, 
it was freezing outside & she would have been too cold!

Darth Aidan! :)

Right after getting home, Aidan dumped out his goodies..
Adalyn had fun checking out her treats too!

Happy kids! 

We still have a lot of Halloween candy left!


5 years old!

Back in October, Aidan had his 5th birthday!

The birthday boy chose Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday party, we had a great time!

Here's Adalyn spending time with Grampie before the party,
taking it all in!

Aidan loves the Avengers, so that was his choice for a cake :)

Aidan had so much fun running around & playing with his little friends from school!

I was worried that the adults wouldn't have a good time, 
looks like everyone was doing alright! ;)

Aidan LOVED seeing Chuck E. Cheese!

Blowing out his candles!

Cake time! Love Hayley's blue teeth from the frosting!

Present time! 

Aidan was so spoiled with gifts, 
he is so loved & so blessed!

Aidan's favorite part of his party was the Ticket Blaster! 

We loved watching him try to catch as many tickets as he could, 
they were everywhere!

I think he had a fun time, 
he's still talking about it.. and it's December! :)

For Aidan's actual birthday, 
he woke up to some presents from us & his annual "dollar balloons" that he loves to pop!

This kid LOVES Imaginext stuff.. I think he was happy with his new toy! ;)

The birthday boy chose donuts from Gull Meadow Farms for his birthday dessert, 
awesome choice buddy, they are SO yummy! 

Can't believe that we have a 5 year old already!


Gull Meadow Farms!

It's a yearly tradition to take a family trip to Gull Meadow Farms, 
this year our church hosted a family night there & we had so much fun!

It was FREEZING out that night, but the sunset was gorgeous! 

This was the first year that Aidan was brave enough to want to try the zip line,
he rode it about 100 times that night! :)

LOVED having fun as a family & church community that night!

Addie was hanging in there & and having fun watching all of the kids!

She was bundled up all night, the only part of her that was cold was her little pink nose!

Playing with Daddy!

They added a new area this year, the "Back Forty" which included animals, steer roping, corn hole, and lots of other things too.. here's Aidan climbing through the "spider webs!" 

He loved the steer roping too, although he couldn't quite figure out how to throw it!

He still had a ton of fun tossing the rope around his head! :)

He & Daddy LOVED the apple cannons, and wish that we could have spent more time here..
we were all pretty cold at this point! 

They have a pumpkin launcher there too.. next year, we are definitely going to try that out! 

We ended the night with some doughnuts & cider, they have the best doughnuts! ;)


flashes of our lives-week 20

So, I'm a bit late at posting my pics from last week..
better late then never! :)

Our church hosted a family night at Gull Meadow Farms
& the sunset provided us with a beautiful sky.. 
Aidan thought it looked like cotton candy!

We have been having some very strange weather here lately, 
rain, wind, hail and some sunshine thrown in too! 

My husband got this shot of a double rainbow while he was outside making dinner!

Snack Time:
Went to the mall with my mom one night last week & we stopped for a pretzel, yum! 

Our girl LOVES baths, she was especially happy with her recent tub time!

In the car:
I run a lot of errands in the morning while Aidan is in school, 
Adalyn is usually asleep when we finally return home!

Noticed this just hatched spider's nest on my mom's side doorknob..
reminded me of Charlotte's Web, 
I was in awe of all the teeny-tiny spiders!


our little piglet!

Our girl LOVES to eat! 

Adalyn really doesn't care for baby food anymore, 
she always wants what we're having!

She's been loving noodles, 

and REALLY loved couscous..
although Mommy didn't love cleaning up that mess! 

And it looks like we have a veggie lover so far too! 

Adalyn was really interested in our corn on the cob the other night, 
so we let her have a little piece..  she was in heaven! 

We love you little piggy! :)