4th of July!

We were invited to spend the 4th with my best friend & her family this year!

They always have a big party at her mom's home.. 
starting with a water balloon fight!

I think Michelle & I filled 400 water balloons that day!

We both didn't waste any time getting wet with the balloon fight.. it was HOT out!

Aidan had balloons AND a soaker pack on!

The boys taking a break.. already soaked!

Michelle & I, completely drenched!

Very wet family! (except napping Adalyn) 

Jeffy having fun lighting off smoke bombs..

..Kyle & Aidan had fun watching from the tree house!

Michelle LOVED having a bunch of baby time that day!

Aidan was in boy heaven at the party,
there was a tree house with a rock climbing wall..

a zip line.. (that he rode 1000 times!)

.. and he got special attention from Jeffy & Kyle's grandma too!
Here he is shooting off a roman candle with Kathy..

..later on, Kathy took Aidan for a ride in the backhoe!.. 

..he was one spoiled kid! 
It was so much fun to watch him have a great time!

Addie also had fun & this girl LOVES the heat! 

She loved all the attention from everyone too!
Aidan was off playing with the kids, so it was kind of fun to love on Adalyn all day!

I've got to say, it was a great 4th with some great friends!

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  1. This looks like the perfect 4th of July party to me!! Adalyn is just too cute!!