The Movers!

We had so much fun yesterday, we took Aidan to Detroit to see the Imagination Movers!

We've had these tickets since Christmas, and have been so eager to take Aidan to see his favorite guys since then! He thought we were going to see a "movie" of the Imagination Movers.. 
he was in for a surprise!

I also had no idea if they would allow cameras in the show.. 
so I was super excited when I saw all of the cameras flashing when we got inside! 

Waiting for the show to begin!

Aidan HAD to have a Warehouse Mouse! 
(Mommy couldn't believe how expensive all of the merchandise was.. yikes!) 

Lights were getting dim.. the show's about to start!
(I think he's excited?)

Choo Choo Soul opened up for the Movers.. they were great!

Loving it so far..

Time for the Movers! 
Here is Mover Dave's entrance.. he's one of Aidan's favorites: 

Our seats were really good actually, I was glad to get a few good pictures.. 
as everyone was jumping & dancing all around us! 

The Movers went into the audience a lot, 
and here is Aidan & Mommy before he got a high-five from Mover Dave! :)

Nina was there too! 

Warehouse Mouse.. and the Movers in silly cheese hats..

He was still pretty into it!

Eddie the monster made an appearance,
he was featured on a Halloween episode that Aidan loved.. 

Aidan was waving to him & getting into the song..

After that, Aidan kinda fizzled out. He was ready to go & DID NOT want to sing or dance anymore, or have Mommy or Daddy sing or dance either! :(

We sat in our seats the rest of the show & dealt with our cranky boy.. they played a few more of Aidan's favorite songs & came back on stage for an encore in silly moustaches!

Overall, I think Aidan had a good time..
The Imagination Movers definitely know how to put on a great show! 

I only wish I would have packed my longer camera lens, as I could have gotten better pictures.. I am so glad I decided to bring my camera 'just in case', as Tony almost had me convinced to leave it at home.. "they're not gonna let you take a camera in there honey..." (love you Tony!)

I think seeing the Movers in person made for one happy boy! 
(Mommy & Daddy even had fun too!)


current craftiness..

Lately I have been trying to devote some of my time to being crafty.. I love the sense of accomplishment that I get from it, and it’s free time for Mommy too!

Here’s what I have been up to:

I have been wanting to make a birthday plate for a few years now, and am so happy that I finally got around to it & can’t wait to use it!

Once a month, I have been go to “stamp camp”, 
which is held at my Stampin’ Up! demonstrator Carol’s home.
 I LOVE to make cards, and getting away to stamp while all of the cardstock & embellishments are all cut & ready for you is my kind of crafting!

Here's the cards we made for March:

A couple of friends of mine have been trying to get me into jewelry making, and although I haven't quite caught on yet.. I love to hang out & chat with them!

I myself don't wear much jewelry.. but I did make a little necklace & earring set!

The first of March, a daughter of a friend of ours got married & Aidan got to attend his first wedding! (he wasn't too impressed, but LOVED the cake!)

Anyways.. for wedding gifts, we usually go the gift card route for presents..
but I wanted to give them a gift "from the heart" ..
so I made this cute little marriage rules gift for them (to go along with the gift card!)

 I love how it turned out, and want to make a family rules one for us! 

I got away for an all day craft day with my best friend Michelle..
and I FINALLY finished Aidan's baby book!

What a relief it was to finally cross this off of my "to-do" list! 

Last, but certainly not least, I have learned how to knit! 

I am making a scarf, and it has tons of imperfections.. and I love them! 
I have mastered the art of casting on, as one of my cats AND Aidan have each pulled my almost complete scarf from my knitting needles TWICE.. frustrating, but I've gotten in lots of practice! 
Now to finish it up & learn how to cast off!

What have you all been working on? I'd love to see! :)


yep.. spring is almost here, 
and we were SO excited to finally be able to go outdoors to play yesterday & not freeze anymore!

had to get some pictures of my little cheeseball.. 
he was actually letting me take his picture! 

goofy grin!

we had fun hunting around the yard for signs of spring, 
Aidan loved the crocus popping up in our yard.

while Mommy was (still) trying to test out her new camera, 
Aidan said, "be back Mommy!" and ran (very goofily) to the front yard..

my boy was bringing me some flowers! 

"for you Mommy"

Puff was outside with us too, he has been dying to get out & roam!

our last task for the day was to get Aidan's Jeep out of hibernation..

..nothing makes me happier than seeing him smile!

it's amazing what a beautiful day can do.. we are so happy that 
spring is almost here & the winter blahs are GONE! :)