flashes of our lives-week 20

So, I'm a bit late at posting my pics from last week..
better late then never! :)

Our church hosted a family night at Gull Meadow Farms
& the sunset provided us with a beautiful sky.. 
Aidan thought it looked like cotton candy!

We have been having some very strange weather here lately, 
rain, wind, hail and some sunshine thrown in too! 

My husband got this shot of a double rainbow while he was outside making dinner!

Snack Time:
Went to the mall with my mom one night last week & we stopped for a pretzel, yum! 

Our girl LOVES baths, she was especially happy with her recent tub time!

In the car:
I run a lot of errands in the morning while Aidan is in school, 
Adalyn is usually asleep when we finally return home!

Noticed this just hatched spider's nest on my mom's side doorknob..
reminded me of Charlotte's Web, 
I was in awe of all the teeny-tiny spiders!


our little piglet!

Our girl LOVES to eat! 

Adalyn really doesn't care for baby food anymore, 
she always wants what we're having!

She's been loving noodles, 

and REALLY loved couscous..
although Mommy didn't love cleaning up that mess! 

And it looks like we have a veggie lover so far too! 

Adalyn was really interested in our corn on the cob the other night, 
so we let her have a little piece..  she was in heaven! 

We love you little piggy! :)

8 months old!

Better late than never.. here's Adalyn at 8 months! 

Addie loves to get into everything, using her army crawl to get everywhere! 

Her favorite activity lately is eating, she is such a little piggy! 

She also loves to get into her brother's things.. which drives him nuts! :)


first day of school!

Okay, I have to laugh at myself here.. Aidan's been in school for almost TWO MONTHS now! 

Here's a look back at his first day of kindergarten!

Aidan was up bright & early at 5:45 his first morning, 
the bus picked him up at 6:35!

(..he doesn't ride the bus anymore, Aidan AND Mommy 
needed the extra hour of sleep, so I take him and pick him up from school now, 
as he wasn't too excited to get up anymore after that first day!)

All smiles & super excited:

After Aidan got on the bus, Mommy & Adalyn met him at school to get some more pictures!

Aidan was very excited to find his desk, and see some of his friends from preschool in his class too!

You know, I actually didn't cry until I got home.. 
it was so quiet & felt strange without Aidan there!

I am used to it now, and cherish the time that I get alone with Adalyn! :)