beating the heat!

It has been SO hot this summer!
We have been spending time in the kiddie pools cooling off!

Adalyn loves the water,

and her brother LOVES to play with her! 
(doesn't she look thrilled?)

We got Aidan a Slip 'n Slide this year too, he didn't like to run & slide down it by himself,
so Daddy pushed him super fast & Aidan loved it!


Poor Tony, he pushed him at least 20 times.. 
Aidan kept saying, "again, again!"

We have also had a few little fireworks shows at night to beat the summer boredom that has set in with Aidan..  nothing fancy, just cheap little fountains & sparklers!

Some of them got quite loud & Aidan wasn't too thrilled with those!

Not the coolest fireworks ever, but definitely fun for us! :)

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  1. What fun you have been having! I think Sammy would have so much fun with the slip and slide! The fireworks are so fun!