standing up!

I thought I would have Aidan try to stand up to play today.. although he was a bit wobbly, he loved it! Later this afternoon, he even pulled himself up to stand all by himself.. I was such a proud mommy! :)



It's a girl! We are so happy for Rob & Sarah.. Aidan can't wait to meet his new little cousin! :)


what's a fork?

I figured it would be fun to try and let Aidan feed himself today.. the looks I got were hilarious! Like, "what's this?".. and "what am I supposed to do with this thing.. isn't this your job?"
With a little help, he finally understood the concept of.. the fork.


oldie, but a goodie!

Nothing much is going on so far
this week.. Aidan and I have been kinda sick, so we haven't been up to much!

Tony is taking the end of the week off, and we hope to take Aidan on his first trip to the zoo if the weather cooperates!
In the meantime.. here is my favorite page that I have made so far, Tony is such a great Daddy! :)



Tonight, Tony & I were excited to cook some of the fresh salmon that my step-dad Gary caught on their trip to Alaska.. didn't know that our little piggy would absolutely LOVE it too! Man, what a mess.. why I didn't put a bib on Aidan was beyond me!!! (I later found salmon pieces in his belly button!!!)


the fair!

We took Aidan to the fair tonight.. he had such a good time, and LOVED all of the animals!

Tony took him on his first pony ride, even though he was more interested in the saddle, than the pony.. it was still so fun to watch!

It is so fun doing things with Aidan, and watching his eyes fill with wonder.. even at the littlest things! :)


day in the life..

So, I am nervous about sharing my scrapbook pages with everyone, but I saw this idea in a magazine, and had to give it a try.. here's a typical day of Aidan's!

little froggy

I was so excited about this little tree frog.. he was so cute! Getting Aidan to look at it was practically impossible!
Oh well, I'm sure in a few years.. he'll come running to me, screaming:
"Mommy, look what I found!"

baby butt-crack!!!

So, it was a slow relaxing night for us at home.. and we decided to hang out by "the pool" with Aidan! I think he was in it for over an hour.. just splashing around and having a great time! I had to get these pics of his butt crack.. so cute!

new to blogging!

I am new to all of this, and thought I would give it a try! After all, I have plenty of stuff to blog about, Aidan keeps me SO busy these days!
So, I'll be here to talk about his latest stunts, share pictures with you and maybe even post some of my digi-scrapbook pages, if I can get up the courage to do it!