pizza piggy

Had a hard time showing Aidan how to eat pizza properly tonight..

..but he finally got the hang of it!

'lil trick or treater!

This past weekend, I took Aidan to see Grammie & Grampie at the campground, to enjoy the fun Halloween activities they had there.. I know it was a bit early for Halloween, but Aidan had so much fun trick or treating!

I love this little dragon costume that was my nephew's when he was younger.. so glad that Aidan can use it!

I think what I like most about the costume, is that it is SO heavily padded.. my poor baby has the biggest butt in it, it's hilarious!! :)

learning to pedal..

Oh man.. going shopping with Aidan has become sort of a challenge lately, especially when he spotted this Spiderman helmet & pads to go with his new Spiderman bike! Boy, did our son look goofy, but he was insistent on trying out his new bike again..

..here's Daddy trying to get Aidan to grasp the concept of pedaling...

..& after much frustration, he gladly gave up & tested out his new bike attire with his tricycle! :)

favorite book

So, lately Aidan's favorite book has been "The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear".. I have read this book to him so many times that I have it memorized, and absolutely LOVE the fact that this is his new favorite read.. the book once belonged to my little sister, and I remember reading it to her as well!


tuckered out!

poor tired Aidan.. we were so busy today that he skipped right over his afternoon nap.. he made it through most of the night though, but completely passed out on Daddy by 8:30!


week 32

oh.. I am so behind.. but still taking pictures on time! :)


another new bike!

Tony's friend Justin had this bike of his son's just sitting around, so he gave it to Tony to give to Aidan!
Boy, was our son excited to see the bike, and even more excited to see that it had Spiderman on it!

I can't believe that our son is getting so big, he'll be able to ride this before too long! :(

toddler tornado!

Today, we watched Micah.. and needless to say.. the house was completely turned upside-down!
The boys ran from Aidan's room & the living room all day, taking out every toy & having a blast!

I loved watching them play together!

labor day fun

We had a great time camping with family over Labor Day.. Aidan loved painting this craft for Grammie & Grampie Saturday during the kids activities..

..and on Sunday, I took Aidan swimming! I think Tony thought the water was too cold or something, so I made him take pictures! Aidan loved floating around..

..and especially loved giggling at me when I went under water!

..goofball! :)

alone time

Lately, Aidan has gotten along very well playing by himself.. no longer is he in constant need of our attention! I loved just watching him play contently with his toys for awhile, and can't believe how big our little boy is getting!