flashes of our lives

My friend Ashli from MOPS has started up a photo blog, Flashes of Our Lives
.. it's a daily photo project to get us to use our cameras to 
document the little, everyday stuff that goes on in our busy lives!

This past week's pictures were:

Monday- bugs
Tuesday- kid's creations
Wednesday- something you love to do
Thursday- how many (fingers) old are you?
Friday- flowers
Saturday- something that starts with "F"
Sunday- child's room, clean or dirty!

So.. here's our pictures!

Monday- here's a very pretty green bug that Aidan found outside!

Tuesday- Aidan drew his handprints today while I was making lunch, 
he said this was a picture of me & him together.

Wednesday- I love to crochet, just don't have the time I want to do it. 
I am determined to finish this blanket for Adalyn though!

Thursday- Aidan is 4 fingers old!

Friday- my foxgloves are beautiful right now!

Saturday- Adalyn looks funny with Aidan's sunglasses on! :)

Sunday- part of Aidan's room.. surprisingly not that messy!

Here's the list for next week.. join me if you want!

Monday - kids with Dad

Tuesday - friends
Wednesday - beating the heat
Thursday - something you cooked/prepared to eat
Friday - night time
Saturday - wildlife
Sunday - water


  1. Awesome! Glad you are joining us!

  2. Love these!! You did a great job!!