tiny talk tuesday

Mommy (in the kitchen)- "Aidan, are you going to finish
eating your peaches?"

Aidan (from the living room)- " No way!..
I am too busy making a mess."

I loved hearing this from him today, at least he was being honest!! :)


the fair!

So.. we actually went to the fair a few weeks ago..
I am getting so lazy about posting recent things to my blog!
Oops :)

Anyways, we took a trip to the fair with Grampie & Grammie..
Aidan had a blast!

Upon arriving, he ran right to the ponies & wanted a ride..
I was unsure about it, but he rode all by himself!

This was one l o n g pony ride.. glad he got his money's worth!

Next up.. the tractors, of course!

Almost getting as tall as the tractor tires!

It was fun to find out that my step-dad was in 4H &
showed pigs when he was little..
so we had fun walking around & learning more about them!

Getting a closer look at the pig showing..
I couldn't believe that they actually did all of this with pigs,
it was set up just like a dog show!

I also couldn't believe how big some pigs can get,
these ones were huge!

I loved the whole country-feel of this fair,
and how close you could get to the animals.

Aidan loved checking out all the different farm animals up close! :)

Well.. maybe not that close...

You can't go to the fair & not have homemade lemonade!
Man, that stuff was delicious!

I was so happy to see that Aidan wanted to ride some
of the kiddie rides,
he loves carousel horses,

and even though he isn't smiling here.. he was having a good time!

LOVED the train ride too!

Mommy & Grammie even got in on some of the rides before we left!

So glad we had the chance to go to a fair this year!


wordless wednesday..

Still working on the potty training..
I think it's slowly going to drive me insane!!! :)


tiny talk tuesday

I haven't participated in this for awhile, but Aidan has definitely been talking up a storm lately! :)

Just yesterday, he ran up to me & said, "I'm so happy Mama!"
.. yep, it completely made my day.

Another recent favorite.. as we were leaving church, it was sunny & warm outside, instead of raining.. Aidan looked up & said,
"thank you sun!"


5 Question ..Saturday!

Here's 5 more questions for your enjoyment.. only a day late!

1. Do you have any nicknames, and if so.. how did they come about? Yep, when my best friend's son was little, he couldn't pronounce my name, so he called me "Teeha".. he is 10 now, and still calls me that, and I love it :)

2. What is the birth order amongst your siblings? I am technically an only child.. but my Dad & my step-mom had my half sister Sarah in 1981.. so I would be the oldest! Sadly, we lost her in 2003.. so I'm back to being an only!

3. In a movie of your life, who would play your significant other? I hate questions like this.. although there is absolutely NO similarity, I am going to say Jeff Goldblum, only because it would make my hubby so mad, he HATES him! hee hee :)

4. What is currently your favorite song? Oh boy, this is embarrassing. I can't stand Adam Lambert, but when I first heard this song, I wanted to get up & dance!
I LOVE this song, and when it's on the radio.. Aidan will get super mad at me for dancing behind the wheel.. apparently he doesn't like people dancing or singing while he is riding in the car!

5. Are you saving money for anything right now, big or small purchase? My hubby was informed a few weeks ago that he earned a free trip to Mexico for the both of us in October through his job.. so we are saving money for that, so we can do some extra fun stuff together while we're down there!
Who knows if we'll be able to vacation like that for awhile, especially without Aidan! :)


dune climb!

So when we went to the dunes.. we HAD to climb them! :)

Aidan was ready & raring to go!

Go Daddy! :)

Halfway up.. and I am tired.. Aidan was practically running up the dune!

Phew!.. he finally stopped to play, Mommy can take a breather!

WE barely made it to the top, when Aidan realized that all the kids around him were having fun running & jumping down.. so he had to follow!

Yeah, yeah.. I'm coming!! :)

Besides being seriously out of shape, I had a blast with my boys at the dunes!

We wrapped up the day by spending some time at the beach,

it was a beautiful day & I never got tired of hearing
the waves on the shore & walking through the water!

Plus.. our last sunset was absolutely gorgeous!!!

What a perfect first "real" vacation for Aidan,
we hope to go back again someday! :)

Sleeping Bear Dunes

The Dunes were so beautiful!

We took the scenic drive & took advantage of the photo ops at various stops.. it was such a nice day too!

This dune made me nervous, as Aidan just wanted to go all the way out to the edge.. it completely dropped off!

Makes for a good picture though! :)

Getting Aidan to come back up by Daddy...

Actually posing for a picture.. he normally hates his picture taken! :)

Sandy beaches & beautiful blue water.. perfect!

family dinner

The best part about vacation was being able to see family that we don't normally see!

Most of my family lives in California, so it was wonderful for all of us to get together for dinner.. I just wish I would have taken more pictures!
Guess I was having a good time talking to everyone! :)

There were a bunch of us there from all different families, descending from my Grandpa's original family.. so it may look strange that we are wearing name-tags.. but it was a great way to remember who everyone was!

Aidan had fun visiting with his Great-Grandpa..

and he finally warmed up to Grandma too! :)

Meeting the newest member of the family.. Weston.
Aidan LOVED the baby!
( I have to say, I did too.. and I think I am ready for another one!)

Aidan chased my uncles around all night long. He had such a good time visiting with them!

My poor Dad.. he was Aidan's punching bag the whole week.. I am sure that he didn't mind, but Aidan just wouldn't leave him alone! :)

My Dad on the left.. & his brothers & father that made the trip!

4 generations!

I had such a nice time visiting with my Dad for the week!

Our little family :)


Grand Traverse Lighthouse

I loved taking the trip up to see this lighthouse, so glad that Tony suggested it!

Aidan had fun wandering around, we participated in a scavenger hunt while walking through the lighthouse & Aidan liked helping look for answers!

I loved the old kitchen & stove.. there were so many neat things here!

The coal furnace was beautiful!

The best part for Aidan was going up to the top of the lighthouse of course!

The view was amazing!

There was a bunch of stuff to do around the house. Aidan loved playing with the water pump..

and was kinda bummed to learn that he couldn't go on a ride in this restored boat! :)