cranky baby!!!

I guess a day like this had to come eventually.. Aidan usually is a pretty happy little guy.. but today, he was SO cranky! ALL day long, NOTHING was going to make my baby happy! (I just love his little cranky face!)
Hopefully it was just a one day deal, and that he's not coming down with anything.. (he hasn't been sick at all yet!) .. I guess we'll see in the morning!


1 year old!!

.. at one year old, you have cried, babbled, rolled over, smiled, cried some more, crawled, talked, stood up, and have completely stolen my heart!

cutest pumpkin in the patch!

It was so fun to take Aidan to pick out some pumpkins.. we were the only ones there, so I just let him run (..well, crawl) loose! He was all over these little pumpkins, just the right size for him.

birthday MESS!!!

So, for Aidan's real birthday.. we let him dig into a little cake of his own! My sister-in-law, Linda, saved the very top part of my baby shower cake, to be used for Aidan's first birthday! I thought it would taste terrible, but it tasted just like it did a year ago! Anyways..
..he dug in slowly at first, then as Tony and I were cheering him on, he started to have fun with it! Maybe a little too much fun! By the time Aidan was done with his cake, there was frosting and cake crumbs everywhere!

I didn't mind though.. the look on Aidan's face was priceless, and I loved seeing him so happy!

birthday party!

Aidan had such a good time at his little birthday party! I was actually surprised, thinking that he would get fussy, or tired.. but he really seemed to love all the attention! Aidan is truly blessed, he had so many people at his party that love and care about him! Happy birthday little munchkin, we love you!! :)


gull meadow farms

We took Aidan out tonight to see some pumpkins, he loved it! He was climbing all over them, and also trying to eat them.. he was such a goof.
He liked watching his buddies, Jeffy & Kyle run around and play.. next year, he'll be able to join them!
Next weekend, we're gonna carve our pumpkins.. here's a cool site, you can carve one too!


decisions, decisions!

I LOVE this picture of Aidan, he was so excited to find another suckie laying around, that he had trouble deciding which one to keep in his mouth! Aidan's suckie is his true love, and I think Tony & I are going to have a real struggle to get him to let go of it!


new hat

One great thing about technology these days, is that you can stay in touch with old friends.. I found out that Nicole, my friend from high school, knits these super cute hats.. and I HAD to get one for Aidan!
Silly Aidan, he wouldn't smile for me in this pic, but he still looks cute anyways!

practice run..

I have never frosted cupcakes using icing bags before, so I wanted to practice before Aidan's big day.. I needed a test subject, and Aidan was more than willing to help! What a mess!!! I had so much fun watching him squish the frosting around, he was having a blast.. what a goof!


Aidan's new ride!

Aidan LOVES his new car from Aunt Michelle! It is so cool that this little car used to be Jeffy's, and that Aidan can get a bunch of use out of it! Tony likes to push him around the house, and Aidan squeals and giggles.. it is so fun to watch him.!


Aidan's little pumpkin

Sadly, we only had one lone pumpkin from our garden this year.. but it was Aidan's first pumpkin! He was very curious about it, he's never seen one before! Tony & I can't wait for Halloween, and to take Aidan out for some fun. Here's a cool game that I found, have fun..