Aidan had fun playing around outside this evening until he realized that something was following him..
It was so fun to watch him discover his shadow for the first time!


Tigers game!

For Father's Day, Aidan got Daddy some Tigers tickets.. Tony & I were both excited that the game day was finally here! The weather was perfect & the Tigers beat the White Sox.. it was great!

..beers were $8 each, but so good & cold!

..our seats weren't too bad either! Although, we did walk around quite a bit to check out everything..

Tigers win!! :)

(a BIG thank you to Grammie, for watching our little munchkin while we enjoyed our monthly date!!.. we love you!)


first ice cream cone!

Took Aidan to Frosty Boy today, for his first official ice cream cone.. he was so excited!

..he couldn't wait to dig in..

.. and make a complete MESS!!

(next time, we're getting that ice cream in a dish!!!)


week 27

..here's another week!
Sorry about the lack of postings.. nothing too exciting is happening around here lately! Aidan is enjoying the summer, although it hasn't been as warm as we would like it to be.. I'll be sure to take some new pics of him this week!


new bike!

.. we've been wanting to get Aidan a tricycle for awhile now & finally found one that is the perfect size for him! He could hardly wait for Daddy to put it together, here he is checking out the finished product..

He can't quite reach the pedals yet, but..

..looks like it's a winner!


Aidan picked this dandelion himself & Mommy told him to blow & make a wish! :)

happy 4th!

We spent some time out at the campground with family this past weekend, it was so nice to visit with everyone.. I was happy that Aidan stayed up long enough to watch the fireworks!


weeks 25-26

..all caught up!!! :)