playing in the sand!

We finally got some sand for Aidan's sandbox.. he had fun digging in it & had a huge fit when it was time to go inside..
Looks like it's gonna be hours of fun for our munchkin in his new sandbox! :)


week 16

..another week caught up on.. I am trying!!

Aidan especially LOVED his Gymboree class last week! This week he learned all about the color green & even ate some green paint too.. (that's my boy!) .. Mommy keeps forgetting to bring her camera with her to class, but he has a blast! :)


watch cat

Aidan's new best friend when we go outside is our cat, Puff.
He follows Aidan everywhere!


Micah's first birthday!

Today was Micah's 1st birthday party! Aidan had such a great time celebrating with his little friend!

He LOVED helping him open his presents..

..Micah was so cute with his first little birthday cake & much neater than our little monster!!!...

What a MESS!!! :)

little friend

While Aidan was outside last night, I found a tree frog that I knew he'd want to check out.. it jumped out of my hand onto his swing & I had to run to get the camera- he was so curious about the little frog.. and we got some cute pics of him with it!

naked dancin!

Aidan has been dancing all the time this past week.. especially before bathtime!
I had to get a video of it! .. enjoy! :)


backseat dancer!

Aidan was in such a good mood tonight, he entertained us on the ride home by dancing to the music on the radio! :)

loves lemons!

My boys took me out to dinner to Carrabba's tonight.. and Aidan was loving the lemon that came in Daddy's iced tea!
I don't know how he can eat them without making a face.. he definitely has his Daddy's tastebuds!


weeks 13 & 14

I have been reading so much lately, that I am horribly falling behind with this!

In order to get my bi-weekly freebie from Weeds & Wildflowers.. I sat down tonight & whipped these out.. I am NOT very happy with the last one, but I got it posted in time for the freebie!! :)

P.S.... Mom, look closely at April 1.. ha ha!


Happy Easter, and a birthday too!

We went to my Dad's for Easter dinner this afternoon, it was such a beautiful day & it was so nice to spend time with everyone!

We had fun playing ping-pong together while waiting for dinner.. and Aidan had fun with Grandpa too!

After dinner, I was surprised with a birthday cake! .. I guess turning 31 isn't so bad! :)

the Easter bunny came!

Aidan's little basket.. had SO much stuff crammed into it!

He was so excited when he found the surprises waiting for him.. and was very eager to read his new books with Daddy!

.. we'd also like to thank Grammie & Grampie for the super cute, but hugely annoying singing chick that Aidan got for Easter.. if it turns up missing soon, you know why! :)

Easter egg hunt!

Time for the Easter egg hunt at Aunt Linda's! It was so fun to watch Aidan run around & collect all the eggs!

Aidan got lots of help from Beth & Cole.. and even made sure to pick up some rocks in the hunt too! :)

coloring Easter eggs!

Every year, I get together with my friend Michelle to dye eggs with her & her boys.. I was so happy that Aidan could finally join in on the fun!
Letting him dunk eggs in the dye himself wasn't that great of an idea, since he splashed the dye everywhere.. (sorry, Michelle!).. so I let him color on the eggs with crayons instead!

In between trying to eat the eggs & "coloring" them, he had a great time!


grrr... weeks 11 & 12

This past week, I have learned the importance of SAVING everything that you are working on.. by just simply forgetting ONE measly day from one of my weeks, it completely messed me up. AND, since I saved nothing.. I had to start all over again to make it right. I am so glad I caught it when I did, as it would have been a huge stressful mess!

So.. here are the revised weeks!


new trick

Aidan can finally sip through a straw! Yippee! :)
(I know it's not that great of a trick, but it's exciting to me!)