flashes of our lives- week 13

I really had a hard time this week & thought that I didn't enough 
pictures.. turns out, I got them all!

I really don't know if any of the photography principles were represented in my 
pictures, I kind of forgot about them as I was snapping away this past week.

Morning Time:
I cannot function without a cup of coffee first thing in the morning!

Aidan's hair is getting very long & looks like a rat's nest in the morning lately,
thank goodness we're getting it cut today!

Adalyn, getting fussy!

Here's Aidan enjoying our new (to us) couch that he helped pick out..
he picked it out of several that we were looking at on Craigslist.
Good shopper! :)

School Supplies:
My boy starts kindergarten this year & it was SO fun getting
his school supplies with him! I love all the back to school hoopla,
but I am a bit sad that he will be going to school all day.

We went to a neighborhood garage sale last week & walked around
for awhile after shopping, Aidan loved these black eyed susans that
were planted by one of the houses.. going to have to plant some here for him!

End of Summer:
We took the kids & went with some friends to Full Blast,
they both loved the waterpark & Adalyn was pooped after playing in the splash pools. 


flashes of our lives- week 12

I thought that this week was going to be pretty easy, but 
finding things to fit the movie categories was hard!

So.. I went the color route!

Aidan was at day camp this past week, 
so I apologize for all of the baby pictures.. 
I spent lots of one on one time with Adalyn this week!

Fried Green Tomatoes: 

I have been loving the cooler temperatures here lately, 
I was laying in our yard with Adalyn.. here was our view!

Single White Female:

She's the the only single white female that I've been around lately,
and here she is thoroughly enjoying her swing!


My mom told me about this awesome mushroom in her yard, 
I had to go take a look at it & get some pictures.. it was beautiful!

The Color Purple:

A sunset from our backyard.

Clockwork Orange:

Our messy girl enjoying her sweet potatoes!

The Blues Brothers:

Baby blue jeans butt!

(I also have to add that these are baby skinny jeans..
my daughter is now officially more stylish than me!)


silly girl

Adalyn has been entertaining us lately with her new silly face.. 

I HAD to get a picture of everyone making her silly face.. 
we love you Addie & your silly face makes us laugh!

On another note..

This girl LOVES her Daddy!

I love watching them together.. 

She has got him wrapped around her finger already! :)

flashes of our lives- week 11

I was bummed that I didn't get all the pictures this week, 
here's what I did get!

We got some MUCH needed rain this week, 
here's our kitty Puff, licking the water off of Aidan's Gator.

Aidan had fun playing in the sand of this earthquake 
simulator at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum.

Aidan & Daddy watching some TV together before bedtime.

Cool Drink:
I treated myself to an iced coffee from Starbucks, it was SO good! 

Adalyn's little feet.. I love baby feet!


6 months old

Adalyn at 6 months:

15 lbs. 8 oz.

26 1/4 inches

I am horrible at posting these monthly updates! 

Oh well, better late than never!

Addie is growing like a weed, and time is going by too fast! She is in the 80th percentile 
for her height.. hard to believe she was a preemie once!

Guess we may have a future tall girl on our hands?!?

Here's my two babies together.. look how big Aidan is!!!

happy birthday Grammie!

My mom turned the big 6-0 this year! 

We spent the day with her for her birthday & brought her a cake 
and some presents.. it was a fun day!

Aidan was beyond excited to giver her a special gift that I had
been working on putting together for the last few months, 

I gave her "60 years of memories" .. 
sixty envelopes, all filled with a memory of her life 
remembered by her loved ones about her.

Aidan helped with the memories too, and loved hearing the
funny things about his Grammie. 

Apparently, my mom HATED to go to school when she was little, 
and frequently had fits getting on the school bus.. 
Aidan is still laughing about that one!

There were also a lot of sentimental memories, 
where my mom would get choked up.. 
I love this picture of her, so many people love you mom! :)

We ended the day with dinner & a special cake!

My mom loves pigs, so we got her a pig birthday cake! :)

Adalyn loved the cake too! 

Happy Birthday Mom, we love you!


swimming lessons!

Aidan did SO well with his swimming lessons again this summer, 
here's some pictures from his last class!

Getting wet!

I love that Pam (his teacher) emphasizes the importance of the kids learning to 
get their face & eyes wet.. Aidan has mastered this, he used to be so afraid! :)

Practicing arm strokes

Arm strokes & kicks with his face under water! 

Like I said.. HUGE improvement this year, 
Aidan went completely underwater!

Go buddy go! 

I was so proud watching him, he is going to become a great swimmer!

(Addie even enjoyed watching, we were right by the edge.. so she & I got splashed a bit too!)

Flashes of Our Lives- Week 10

I don't know why, but this week was especially hard for me.. 
I think that I was trying too hard to get the pictures, when I should have just
been snapping away.. oh well.. here's the photos I did get!

Our old deteriorating barn is all country to me!

Adalyn has been impossible to feed lately,
it's like she's playing games with me.. 
trying to play or making smiley faces at Daddy all the time!

Aidan was beyond ecstatic when he filled up his sticker card this week.. 
we keep track of his good behavior & he is rewarded by it,
this time with a coveted G.I. Joe toy that he had been wanting!
SO glad we have found a system that works perfect for him (& us!)