week 19.

Going into my 19th week already & I am feeling MUCH better,
and can even go through the day without a nap now! 

There's really nothing exciting to report.. I am still patiently waiting to feel the first baby movements, I am such a worrier, and hope things are okay for baby in there!

Cravings: Spaghetti-O's!!! I eat them almost everyday for lunch.. Aidan thinks they are gross & makes fun of Mommy for eating them all of the time. 

Patiently awaiting: September 12th! We *hopefully* will find out the sex of the baby!

Aidan is very excited about the new baby!

He will talk to my belly & kiss it, it melts my heart :)

We had the opportunity to watch my friend Amanda's newborn baby Brendan yesterday, 
Aidan was over the moon in awe of him! 

It was great practice for me, 
and fun to see how Aidan reacted to a baby in the house for a few hours! 

Aidan did great, and loved Brendan.. 
..except when he started to cry he asked, "when does Brendan go home Mommy?" :)

I think Aidan will make a great big brother! 


little fish!

For the past two weeks, Aidan has been taking swimming lessons!

Today was the parent's day.. where we could stay and watch what the kids have learned.. 
I was so excited & proud of Aidan with how far he had come in just two weeks!

Aidan was the only boy in his little class, here's the kids getting wet to start!

A big accomplishment of Aidan's this week was finally putting his head underwater, 
here's a cute video of the kids going under.. 

.. LOVE how Aidan barely puts his head in, but so proud that he actually tried.. 
he has been so stubborn about it!

Next, we got to see Aidan's swimming progress!

First time around with his instructor Pam & a noodle,

..second time around with floaties & Pam's son.. 
he loved that no one was holding onto him! 

They finished up with a few more laps of the shallow end,

Aidan was so happy to show me how he could swim, I loved watching him today! :)

I'm such a proud Mommy!



Most of you know that our son is obsessed with all things John Deere.. and we have been looking for a  good 6 months on Craigslist for a ride on Gator for Aidan.. with no luck! 

That was until earlier this week, when I found a promising lead for a Gator for Aidan! 

Grammie & Grampie wanted to get it for him for an early birthday present, and last night.. it was delivered to him!

We had Daddy take Aidan for a walk so we could get the Gator out of the truck.. when Aidan walked back up to the house, there it was waiting for him! 


I absolutely loved the look on his face, he was so happy!

Here he is, checking everything out :)

He was off before we could even get any good pictures of him in it!
 .. I think he LOVES it!

He even had to go inside to get his John Deere hat.. love this boy!

And here is the final product, all stickered up & ready to go! 

Thank you Grampie & Grammie, I know that Aidan will enjoy this "toy" for many years!
Aidan loves you!!! :)