flashes of our lives

My friend Ashli from MOPS has started up a photo blog, Flashes of Our Lives
.. it's a daily photo project to get us to use our cameras to 
document the little, everyday stuff that goes on in our busy lives!

This past week's pictures were:

Monday- bugs
Tuesday- kid's creations
Wednesday- something you love to do
Thursday- how many (fingers) old are you?
Friday- flowers
Saturday- something that starts with "F"
Sunday- child's room, clean or dirty!

So.. here's our pictures!

Monday- here's a very pretty green bug that Aidan found outside!

Tuesday- Aidan drew his handprints today while I was making lunch, 
he said this was a picture of me & him together.

Wednesday- I love to crochet, just don't have the time I want to do it. 
I am determined to finish this blanket for Adalyn though!

Thursday- Aidan is 4 fingers old!

Friday- my foxgloves are beautiful right now!

Saturday- Adalyn looks funny with Aidan's sunglasses on! :)

Sunday- part of Aidan's room.. surprisingly not that messy!

Here's the list for next week.. join me if you want!

Monday - kids with Dad

Tuesday - friends
Wednesday - beating the heat
Thursday - something you cooked/prepared to eat
Friday - night time
Saturday - wildlife
Sunday - water

my first furniture redo!

I recently jumped on the furniture DIY bandwagon.. 
here's our beast of a dresser.. redone!

We recently moved our room upstairs & due to the slanted attic walls, 
we were unable to bring our lovely 1980's dresser with us!

Look at this thing, it was screaming for help!

I knew that I wanted to try to paint it for our daughter's room, 
so.. I went for it!

I searched & read up about furniture refinishing, and found an amazing product that completely eliminates the need for sanding, Zinsser Cover Stain!

It is oil based, and MESSY.. so I used cheap throw away brushes to slather it on. 

I had a ton of white paint leftover from painting the trim of our daughter's room.. 
so that would be color of my 'new' dresser!

After painting, I got to work distressing, which was SO fun!

I just used a low grit sandpaper, and even an emery board to get in the small spots to achieve the worn look I was going for. 

Here's a close up of the distressing, I LOVE how it turned out!

Here's the finished project!

I really like how it turned out, it's perfect for Adalyn's room.. 
and it was her grandparent's, so it's a new keepsake for her!

Here's the before & after.. 

I loved this project & can't wait to start on my next one!

I am linking to these DIY blogs, check them out for tons of inspiration!
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..happening lately!

I have been terrible about updating this blog lately, 
but here's some recent pictures of what we've been up to!

Aidan has been very interested in science lately! 

While at a garage sale, he found a volcano kit that he & Daddy had fun with!

Aidan loved painting his own volcano & setting up the villagers/buildings to get run over by the 'lava'!

 LOVE the look on his face, they made their volcano erupt over & over again!

Here's me with my babies! 
Love them so!

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went to the campground with the family, 
it was Adalyn's first time camping.. she loved it!

Here she is having fun with Grammie!

She also got to meet her Aunt Lisa and cousins Colt & Trent for the first time!

..and got to spend time with Uncle Rob, Aunt Sarah & her cousin Hayley too! 

It was SO hot that day, the kids went for a paddle boat ride with Rob.. I was sweating to death just standing there taking pictures! 

My mom brought out the sprinkler later that afternoon, the kids definitely loved it!

Love how silly some of their faces were while running through it!

Besides that.. at home, Adalyn has been enjoying her baby food!

Around 5pm, if she hasn't eaten.. she'll let you know that she wants her food.. & NOW!

She has also been getting a bottle before bedtime, big girl can hold it by herself now!


4 months old.. (better late than never!)

Adalyn at 4 months:

12 lbs. 13 oz. 

24 inches

Adalyn has discovered her hands this month & has them in her mouth ALL of the time!

She also started eating rice cereal, which she doesn't care for too much.. 
but loves the fruits & veggies that have been offered to her!

She smiles at the sight of her brother, love seeing them interact with each other :)