week 15.

I am finally out of my first trimester!

I was feeling very nauseous, but that has now subsided.. 
I am still struggling with fatigue & could sleep all day long if I didn't have any Mommy duties!

Aidan has been wonderful, he lets me rest if I need to & 
is very curious about the "baby in Mommy's belly"..
 he also has nicknamed the baby "Puddin".. 
and we have told him several times that we are NOT going to name 
his little brother or sister Puddin!!! :)

(Thank you to the toddler show Bubble Guppies for the lovely name idea!)

Other than being extremely tired, I am doing great! 

I'm starting to get a belly & already wearing maternity pants.. 
I can't even button my regular ones anymore!

big trucks!

Last week, Aidan & I went with our playgroup to see the big trucks at the library..
there were so many trucks to explore, 
Aidan was in heaven!

Out of all the huge vehicles, the Gator was his fav!

Later that night after dinner, Aidan had more fun.. 
Tony's cousin Art had the combine out in the field behind our home,
and he got to take a ride!

Our son LOVES combines, so he was beyond excited!

We've got one spoiled kid!!! :)

summer list update!

Here's 2 more things we crossed off of our list recently!

Cherry Picking!

Our cherry picking adventure didn't turn out so great.. 
most of the cherries were too high up in the trees for Aidan to reach, 
and it was SO hot outside! 

We had fun anyways.. Aidan helped my spot the cherries..

..and he would grab what he could!

After 20 or so minutes,
Aidan complained about the heat & asked if me if they had cherries that were already picked..
he was definitely ready to go!

We made our way back to weigh our pickings.. 
he picked a whole whopping 20 cents worth of cherries!!! LOL!

We ended up buying "already picked cherries" and ate them all the way home!

Chuck E. Cheese!

We have been having a horrible time getting Aidan to stay in his bed all night, 
so we told him that if he stayed in bed for 2 weeks, we'd go to CEC!

That was plenty of incentive, and now he sleeps in his room all night!

We brought Grammie with us too, 
love this picture of them on a roller coaster ride!

family vacation

Earlier in July, we took a family vacation! 

We went to Leech Lake, Minnesota for a family reunion of my step-dad's family. 
It was so much fun & great to see so many family members that we don't regularly see.

I have WAY too many pictures to share them all.. so here are some of my favorites!

We had a LONG ride to Minnesota, about 14 hours! 
I was so happy that Grammie decided to sit in back with Aidan & Daddy..
 she did a great job of keeping Aidan entertained!

Our cabin was right next to a boat harbor, where tons of crayfish were.. 
Aidan loved looking for these guys every chance he got!

The crayfish hunter!!!!!

So glad that Tony & I got a chance to go on vacation, we had a great time!

Our Aidan Anthony with his Minnesota cousin.. Aiden Anthony!!

Aidan had a blast trying to keep up with all of the kids, especially the older ones!

..he also LOVED hanging on (& annoying!) Uncle Nick. 

It was hard to keep him out of the water, 
I think that one of us was always down at the lake with him!

Posing for a picture for a quick second for Mommy:

Searching for & trying to catch minnows..

.. he finally wore himself out & fell asleep on Mommy.. 
who was directly in the sun & got a nice tan from being lazy while Aidan napped!

Aidan LOVED the boat rides & I love this picture Aunt Lisa got of him! :)

Here's the whole group.. what a great week!