concrete playdate!

 Yeah, you read that right..

Our playgroup recently went on a tour of a local concrete company.. the kids had so much fun!

The moms did too.. but it was almost 100 degrees out.. and I don't do heat very well!

Here's the whole group of kids, loving the cement mixer!

After learning about cement mixers, a dump truck rolled around & made sand piles for the kids to climb & play on!

Aidan was definitely having a good time :)

To my surprise, Adalyn loved the heat and was all smiles for the whole playdate!

To finish up the tour, the kids got to make their own stepping stones!

Here's Aidan's masterpiece!

We had such a nice time, Aidan & I both learned a lot! 


  1. ohh my goodness your playgroup has so much fun!! Looks like a total blast.. minus the heat!

  2. Wish Grammie did not have to work so she could go too!!!