little stinker!

Every month, I take a picture of Aidan in the same chair & onesie.. to show how big he is getting.. well, he was not too cooperative with me today, and did NOT want his picture taken!
I think that he had more fun rolling around, and I knew that picture time was over when he started to climb the chair!! :)


first haircut!

Aidan got his first haircut today! He was so good, and hardly took any notice to his Aunt Linda cutting his hair at first.. then he knew something was up, and was kinda squirmy! Tony and I were so proud of him though, he didn't whine or cry at all!


new page

This is by far my favorite picture of Aidan, so I had to dedicate a whole page to it! Just seeing his cute little face makes me smile! :)


little camper

We went camping with our families for Labor Day weekend.. Aidan was SO good, and loved all of the people! He was crawling all over, and had fun swimming too..his Grammie also bought him his first wagon, I had fun taking him for wagon rides and he seemed to really like it!


new playset

Aidan got a new playset last week from Michelle, that her boys weren't using anymore.. Aidan is a bit small for it right now, but he loves to crawl around on it, and pull himself up on the little bridge! We are so thankful that she gave it to him and he is gonna be ALL over it this time next year!