it's a GIRL!

Well, we had the big ultrasound yesterday..
we found out that we are having a little girl!

I was a bit surprised at first, as I was expecting another boy..
but now that it has set in, I am so excited for our little family!

Here's a picture of her! 
I found out that I have an anterior placenta.. 
so she is cuddled right up next to it & it was very hard to get a decent photo of her! 

After our appointment, we went shopping for Aidan's little sister!

Aidan picked out this cute puppy for her, and we got her a couple outfits..
Aidan is so excited!

We have her name all picked out, but Tony & I decided not to share until she is born!

We have found that it is offending quite a few people, but we wanted to have some sort of surprise.. because we definitely couldn't wait to find out the sex! ;)

more swimming!

Aidan's swim instructor offered one last swim class for the summer, 
and I am so glad that we signed Aidan up!

The class was only a week, but each session was an hour long.. 
he learned so much & came SO far in a week!

Finally kicking those legs hard!

..and finally reaching in front of him to swim!

The most important milestone this week was conquering Aidan's fear of going underwater..

Here the kids are singing "Ring Around the Rosie"..

LOVED that when they got to.. "and they all fall down.." they all went completely underwater!

I was SO proud of Aidan!!!

Can't wait til next summer!