Aidan had his friend Bryson over the other day for a playdate, and to take him for a spin in his Jeep!

They're off!...

Okay, everything is looking alright so far.. but Aidan is starting to drive a little crazy..

Bryson does NOT look like he is having a fun ride!

Apparently, trying to run over Mommy & her friend Danyel is NOT fun to Bryson.. but Aidan thinks it's hilarious!

No one was hurt on the Jeep ride, but Aidan was disappointed when Mommy put an end to the rides when he wouldn't stop running into things.. he is since doing MUCH better, and isn't such a crazy driver!

We can't wait to have another playdate.. I hope Aidan didn't scare Bryson away! :)

*Thanks for the awesome pics Danyel.. I seriously need to get a better camera!*

5 Question Friday!

1. If you could, would you go back to high school? Um, no. I don't think that anyone wants to revisit that weird adolescent time.. at least I don't want to! :)

2. If a genie appeared & granted you two wishes.. what would they be? (and, no saying "more wishes!") Let's see.. first, I would wish for enough money to pay off all of our debt, my family's debt.. and friends too! Debt really stinks, and I will be SO happy to be completely debt free.. someday! Second, I would wish for.. a bigger house! I LOVE living in Tony's childhood home, but I have NO idea how 8 kids fit under this roof.. just to have some extra closet space or another bathroom would be heavenly!

3. What kids show do you secretly like? Ugh.. this is embarrassing, but I LOVE iCarly!
I also have a secret crush on Spencer too. :)

4. What is your beverage of choice? Non-alcoholic: a sugar free vanilla iced coffee from McDonald's..
alcoholic: Captain & Ginger :)

5. What is something that you would change about yourself, or are working to change about yourself? I am trying to eat more sensibly & exercise daily.. it is so hard! I hate to exercise, so just doing that each day is a miracle in itself!


week 41

..almost getting there! :)


5QF.. kinda early!

Thank goodness that Mama M posts a preview to her 5 questions on Thursday nights.. I am gonna be super busy tomorrow & this weekend.. so who knows when I would get around to answering these! (because I know there a a ton of you just dying to read my answers!) hee hee :)

1. What is the first car you owned? I'm gonna go with the first car that I paid for, not that the parents helped get.. it was a Saturn SC2, and I loved it til it started to leak every time it rained! :(

2. What song are you embarrassed to know the lyrics to? Oh geez.. the only song that comes to mind is "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.. ugh, now I am going to have that song in my head ALL night!

3. Have you ever had stitches? Only when I had my wisdom teeth out.

4. What was your first job? I've already told ya about this one.. working for Parchment Yard & Garden.

5. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character? When I was younger.. Oscar the Grouch! But you know.. sometimes when I watch Sesame Street with Aidan, I realize Oscar is kind of a jerk! I'd have to say my favorite now is Elmo, and that's because he makes Aidan smile :)


It has been beautiful outside! Aidan & I have been spending a bunch of time outside.. mainly because once he goes out, we can't get him back IN!

So.. we had a picnic!

Aidan loved eating his cheese & crackers alfresco!

He even wanted to share :)

Puff even enjoyed his time outside & came to spend time with us during our picnic too!


On Saturday, Aidan went to Bounceland to celebrate his friend Lily's 2nd birthday! He had so much fun, and most of the pictures I took didn't turn out because he was moving & jumping so fast!

He spent a lot of time in this bounce house.. here he is jumping with Brayden.. love that they are in the exact same pose! :)

I thought that Tony & I would be safe from having to participate, since Aidan didn't like the slides the last time we came.. boy, was I wrong!
We both had to take turns going down the slides with Aidan, he wouldn't stop!

Mommy & Daddy definitely got a good workout that day bouncing around with Aidan!

Last but not least..enjoying some birthday cake!


Last week, I promised Aidan that we would go feed the ducks.. he was SO excited & I was looking forward to it too!
Once we walked up to the water, we realized that there were only 2 ducks.. and a TON of geese! Oh well, Aidan didn't seem to care!

Getting a handful of bagel crumbs for the "ducks"..

"Here ya go ducks!"

"And here's some MORE!"
Aidan filled up both hands & was chucking bread at the geese!

" I think they want to play with me.."

"Come here ducks!"

Aidan chased this poor guy for a good 5 minutes..

..but he got smart & went to the water, Aidan wasn't too happy after that!
Maybe next time we go, the geese will want to play with him :)


5 Question Sunday..

Been kinda busy this weekend & haven't even been online too much, so here's my Friday questions & answers.. a few days late! :)

Be sure to go here if you want to join in on the fun!

1. What words do you use in your blog/online that you don't use in real life? Um.. I write how I talk & talk how I write, so this question doesn't really apply to me!

2. Do you still write checks? Sometimes.. but not very often anymore though. I CANNOT live without my debit card though, and I NEVER have any cash on me!

3. Who was your favorite president & why? Hmm.. I would have to say Lincoln? I loved reading about him & studying him in school, he did some pretty amazing things for our country!

4. Are you a yeller? Unfortunately, yes. I try not to yell.. but when I get mad or frustrated.. it just happens. :(
I have eased up a bit since becoming a mom though, yelling at Aidan gets me absolutely nowhere!

5. Have you ever dumpster dived? Nope.. can't see myself doing that in my future either.. unless I lose something valuable & have to dig through the trash to get it!


egg hunt!

Finally! Our playgroup had a BEAUTIFUL day for the spring potluck & egg hunt today.. it was pushed back a week due to yucky weather.. Aidan was up bright, early & ready to go!

There was such a good turnout, about half of the group was there with their kids & almost 300 eggs were waiting to be found!

Once each child found a certain number of eggs, it was a free-for-all! Aidan was rushing Mommy everywhere to get the eggs!

It was great to spend time with the other mommies & kids too!
Melissa & Noah,

Aly & Blake,

& Jill, with her son Dylan.
I should have taken more pictures.. there were SO many kids running around! :)

Aidan had such a great afternoon, and fell asleep as soon as we got in the car to go home!

When he woke up from his nap, the first thing he wanted to do was check out all the goodies in his eggs!
(love the mouthful of candy as he is opening them.. and no pants!)

new ride!

Tony & I purchased this *sweet* new ride for Aidan from my best friend Michelle.. it was lovingly used by her two boys, and has tons of life left in it!

I wish I would have gotten a pic of his smile when he saw it on the porch after waking up from his nap, he was so excited!

See ya later Mommy & Daddy, I'm going for a drive!

Aidan & Amanda

Aidan had so much fun visiting with our friend Amanda this weekend! He liked pushing her around on his bike..

I think Amanda weighs about 50 pounds (love ya girlie & wish I was as tiny as you!).. so it wasn't too hard for him to push her around the driveway!

Love his pants about to fall down.. what a goofball!

You have to come back over for a playdate soon Amanda, Aidan ♥'s you! :)

fixin' the car..

While eating breakfast the other morning, Aidan & I had the pleasure of watching our new car mechanic check out what's going on underneath our car..

This little guy was under the car for a good 20 minutes!

I have NO idea what he was doing, but Aidan sure thought it was funny! :)


weeks 39 & 40

So.. I told myself that I would have this "project" finished by my birthday.. it's my birthday, and I am not done yet.. *sigh*

..at least I am a little closer to getting it done! :)


5 Question Friday!

My weeks are going by WAY too fast.. it feels like I just got done doing this from last week!
Oh well.. here I go!

1. Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life? I know the resemblance is next to nothing, but I ♥ Zooey Deschanel.. she's serious, quirky & fun, I just love her!

2. Did you ever go to summer camp? Yep.. I went to Camp Merrie Wood, a Girl Scout Camp, and I loved it! Although, I could have done without the whole mosquito net thing over us a night!

3. What sends you running & screaming in the other direction? Right now, I'd have to say, turkey vultures. Ick.

I seriously used to think that vultures only existed in the desert, and waited for their prey to die of thirst before soaring down to get 'em.. you know, like in the movies? Nope, they are right here in my backyard! They fly over & sit on top of our barn all of the time, and I think they are the ugliest things ever!

4. What is something that you do that drives your spouse nuts? According to Tony, I am always moving things & forget to tell him the "new" spot for them!

5. What is currently your favorite song? "There Will Be A Day" by Jeremy Camp :)


Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter today!
The Easter Bunny came & hid a basket-full of goodies for Aidan..
(either the bunny needs to get Aidan a new basket, or stop getting Aidan so much stuff.. that thing was jam-packed!)

..and had an Easter egg hunt set up for him too!

Aidan had fun finding the eggs & learning how to spell his name!

Showing Daddy all the stuff in his basket..

This afternoon, we went to my Dad's house for Easter dinner with family. It was great to see everyone & Grandma set up an egg hunt for the kids!

Yep, Aidan was SUPER excited about this!

He was looking so hard for eggs, and his basket was FULL!

Following his cousin Ava, trying to find the last of the eggs! :)

Showing off his finds to Grandpa & getting help unwrapping some chocolate!

Love this pic.. being chased by Kimba, my cousin's dog..
Aidan didn't want to share his candy!!

We had a great Easter holiday today and while all of the bunnies, eggs & candy are fun.. the most important thing to remember is that we are truly celebrating the death & resurrection of Jesus..
or as Aidan calls him.. "Sesus!" :)