Happy New Year!

I simply cannot believe that another year has gone by.. our son is getting so big!

New Years Eve isn't really that big of a deal to me, but the resolutions should be! (hopefully I will keep mine for longer than a week!)

Here's my resolutions for the new year:

-lose weight!
..I know, I know, everyone says that at New Year's.. but I am sick of being overweight, and I can't use the baby-weight excuse anymore! :)

-savor each & every moment with my son.
I am struggling with this.. I LOVE Aidan, and I LOVE being a Mommy, but lately.. he has been a TERRIBLE 2 year old!

-make time to preserve our family memories.
I am so behind on my scrapbooking.. I haven't even started Aidan's baby book yet, and he's 2! oops..

What are some of your New Year's resolutions?

Have a safe & happy New Year's Eve.. Goodbye 2009!



Aidan & I went sledding at Kindleberger Park today with Michelle & family.. it was too much fun!
We only wished that Daddy had the day off, so he could have joined us too!

Here's Michelle.. ready to go!

I was so excited to try out Aidan's new sled, and Aidan absolutely loved sledding!

When we got down to the end of each hill, he would yell "again, again!"
Needless to say.. Mommy got super tired walking back up the hills.. I don't remember getting that exhausted when I was little!


For old times sake, Michelle & I tried to relive our childhood sledding memories together..

& after almost 27 years of being best friends.. we're still goofballs!! :)

Christmas #3!

Our last Christmas get-together was at Tony's sister's home. Aidan had a blast with Emily, and we all had fun catching up with eachother!

Aidan, riding Emily :)

My mom & Linda. ( I love that Tony's sister always invites my mom & step-dad to all of our family gatherings!)

Aidan always gets a new Christmas ornament here for Christmas!

Our little family.. finally a real smile from our munchkin!

Christmas #2!

After our little Christmas morning at home, we went to my Dad's that afternoon for a big family dinner & get-together! It was so nice to see everyone & Aidan LOVED playing with Grandpa!

It was hard to pry Aidan away from Grandpa.. so Mommy & Daddy enjoyed the little break! :)

Getting ready to open presents, with strawberry daquiris too!

I received a great new set of Calphalon cookware from my Dad & step-mom,
& Tony got a new Stihl lawn trimmer.. which we desperately needed!! We had fun opening presents.. but not as much fun as Aidan..

he got a new Melissa & Doug stir fry cook set (that he plays with constantly!!) and lots of other goodies too!

Grandpa & Aidan reading a new book together!

Our little boy was pooped by the end of the night, and fell asleep before we even got to the end of my Dad's street!

here comes..

Santa! :)

..and BOY, was Aidan excited to see his brand new kitchen, waiting to be played with!
It was hard to drag him away to check out the other goodies Santa left!

Here's our own little "Santa".. handing out gifts to Mommy & Daddy!

Checking out a present from the cats (ha ha) .. a huge Mr Potato Head set! :)

LOVE this picture, Aidan got what he wanted & was extremely happy about it.. some toy tractors from Daddy! Mommy went the educational toy route.. boring! :)


Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a blessed Christmas!


Christmas Eve

After going to a candlelight Christmas Eve service at church, we had a great time with family at home! Nothing fancy.. just a nice dinner and enjoying spending some time together :)

Aidan loves playing with Great-Grandpa!

Grammie telling Aidan that he needs to settle down soon.. Santa comes tonight!

Our super skinny Christmas tree! Oh, how I love our tree.. our living room is on the small side, so this tree is perfect for us!

Merry Christmas everyone!
(love our little stinker & his FAKE smile!!!)

Christmas craftiness!

This week so far has been spent preparing for Christmas, and making (& eating) some cute (& yummy) things!

I LOVED making this snowflake craft with Aidan.. he was so careful about the placement of his buttons.. his finished ornament looks so pretty on our tree!

For those of you who know me, you know that I am still extremely close with my ex in-laws & that Aidan is thought of as one of the grandkids too!

On Tuesday, Aidan was invited over to my ex mother-in-law's home to decorate cookies & make Christmas ornaments with the kids & grandkids.. he had so much fun & Mommy ate a TON of cookies!

..decorating cookies! I loved all the bright icing colors :)

Painting salt-dough ornaments..

Bryson & Aidan were awesome artists!

Ornament #1.. with a little help from Mommy..

Ornament #2.. ALL Aidan! :)


so cute!

Aidan absolutely flipped over this video from from Santa..
go here to check it out,
and make one for your kiddo too! :)


family Christmas!

Aidan had so much fun Saturday at Grammie's house for our family Christmas.. he was running around non-stop with his cousins all night!

Aidan passing out some gifts to Hayley..

The present opening doesn't last very long.. all the kids are quick to rip everything open!

..finally getting the hang of opening presents!..

Checking out a huge car ramp from Grammie & Grampie!

Hayley enjoying her new toys!

Two pooped little kids with Grandpa, Aidan was asleep before we even left the driveway!

I wish I would have taken more pictures, I forgot about my camera most of the night.. oops!

Tot School - Letter D

Tot School

We have been so busy these past few weeks with Christmas activities & other things, that we did 2 weeks of learning the letter D!

We started by putting dots on Aidan's D's..
he loved this!

We also used the sensory tub again, he did this several times last week! Here he is digging for a donut, a deer, d magnet, a dragonfly & a duck!

Aidan ate a bunch of dill pickles!

Coloring & learning about ducks..

Every year Mommy makes chocolates for Daddy to take to work for Christmas gifts.. here is Aidan helping to dip the chocolate covered cherries.. he didn't quite get the concept of dipping.. he kind of just tossed 'em in!
Love my little helper!

We met our playgroup at the Air Zoo this week & Aidan absolutely loves this place!
It was fun to run around & watch him look at everything.

Our week concluded with a few hours of babysitting Brody, Aidan's cousin. He was such a good helper, and wanted to be as close to him as possible!

We ended week D with a bunch of dancing, couldn't get any good pics though, he was moving too fast! :)