week 23

the beach

On Monday, Michelle & I took our boys to Markin Glen Park to play, it was SO hot out again & the boys had tons of fun playing together!

I wasn't too sure how Aidan would do at the beach, but he loved it! I was able to sit & talk with Michelle while our boys played.. Aidan never went into the water without coming to get me! We had so much fun playing in the sand too!

Father's Day fun!

For Father's Day, we all went to my cousin Rick's home on Austin Lake for a cookout, Aidan had SO much fun jumping around with his cousins in this bounce house.. I don't know how he kept going so long, it was so hot outside!

.. he was so excited to play with Grandpa, he went down the slide head first! :)

.. future boat enthusiast??

Aidan also had fun "swimming" to Mommy.. the water was shallow enough for him to walk around in.. he LOVED this!!

All in all, Aidan had a fabulous time!
I was a bad Mommy & completely forgot to take a picture of my two boys together for Father's Day.. bad Mommy! :(
..our munchkin got his Daddy 2 tickets to a Tigers game, and Daddy LOVED it! :)


new ride!

With all of the excitement of Greater Galesburg Days, are also tons of garage sales.. and Tony spotted this 'lil mini lawn tractor for Aidan!

To say that Aidan loved it is an understatement.. he screamed & had a fit when Tony had to put in in the car! He wanted to play with it NOW!! :)

Aidan's pure happiness = $8!

family fun!

We took Aidan to the Greater Galesburg Days celebration on Saturday.. it was so nice out, a perfect morning for a parade! Here's our munchkin checking out the start of the parade!...

Michelle & her boys came with us too!

Aunt Linda was the Grand Marshall of the parade, with Laurie in the drivers seat!

Aidan waving at Aunt Linda!! :)

.. the most exciting part of the whole parade.. a tractor for Aidan! (or tractrrrr, as he calls it..)

The boys picked up so much candy, they had to stuff it all in their shirts!

We had fun checking out the animals at the petting zoo.. a donkey,

a rabbit that Aidan loved,

and some goats & sheep!

Oh boy.. another tractor! Aidan couldn't run fast enough to go check it out!
We had such a great day! :)

air zoo!

Last Wednesday, we met Grandma, Jackson & Sammy at the Air Zoo!
Aidan was SO excited when he saw the first airplane.. he was pointing at everything & taking it all in!

The boys had the most fun in the kiddie room.. where they could run around & get on a bunch of different rides. Aidan LOVED the helicopter!

Since the museum has free admission all through the summer, we will definitely be going back with Daddy! :)

week 22

Holy cow, I am so behind with my pages.. trying to catch up!! :)


Tony took the day off today & we all spent most of the day outside! Aidan finally played longer than 5 seconds in his sandbox.. it was hard to get him out of it!
He played pretty hard today, and was in bed at 7 pm! :)

our 'lil princess

Marlaina & Caleb were very excited to dress Aidan up last Friday while at their house.. I had to laugh, Aidan was completely oblivious about wearing a dress!
..thank you so much Jamie, for getting this hilarious picture for my pic of the day! :)


new boots!

Dear Grammie,
I LOVE my new rain boots, and want to wear them everywhere!
It is so fun to annoy Mommy with them, because I never want to take them off!
Love, Aidan

getting nowhere...

Aidan & Micah had so much fun playing together Friday afternoon.. that is, until they both wanted to ride Aidan's car.. in different directions!



I just finished my last page of my FIRST digital scrapbook & now it's off to the printer!

I am so excited to see the completed project.. I made it all the way up to June '08..and it's almost 80 pages long!! whew! :)