our lil' wobbly walker!

Aidan has finally mastered the art of walking! He's a bit wobbly at times, or he'll just savor standing in one place for awhile too.. but he is preferring walking over crawling. He's just growing up too fast!


Here are some recent photos from all of our Christmastime fun! We had such a good time visiting with family at all of stops we made.. Aidan was super excited to see everyone!
We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! :)



Aidan is walking!!.. well, with some help that is! He was so cute taking a walk around the restaurant with Grammie & Trent. Pretty soon, he'll have walking mastered, and we'll all have to watch out!



Aidan & Puff.. napping buddies!


here's some holiday cheer!

I was feeling a bit thrifty last week, and decided to have a Christmas photo shoot in our living room, to try and get a good holiday photo of Aidan.. I went to the dollar store and got some cheap ornaments, threw a white sheet on the floor, and voila!.. an instant photo studio!
I was so proud of myself.. with Tony's help, I took about 50 pictures.. but our little stinker would NOT look at the camera! Oh well, I thought this one was the best..
.. now if i could only get him to look at the camera & smile!!! :)


seeing Santa..

Tonight, we went to Galesburg for the winter festival.. Aidan loved watching the parade, and seeing Santa!

Santa was actually Aidan's Uncle Bill.. so I HAD to get a million pictures! I love this one the best.. looks like he is telling Santa what he wants for Christmas! :)


1 teething baby + 1 very jealous baby = a great photo op for my hubby, who was laughing hysterically at me!
Micah was teething pretty bad, so he had lots of my attention today.. which made Aidan extremely clingy and super jealous! I was so thankful that Tony had the day off today.. my two hands just weren't enough!


like father like son..

Aidan doesn't usually sit still for very long.. but when I looked over at him tonight, he was sitting perfectly still on the couch next to Daddy watching TV! It was so funny to me, seeing my two boys looking exactly the same! ..now, if I could only get that pacifier out of Aidan's mouth!.. :)

first snow!

Aidan & I went outside for some fun in the snow yesterday.. it was his first time! When I sat him down in it, he didn't know what to do and got kind of fussy.. but when I sat down next to him and played he was great! (although, I was rather soaked.. I don't own any snow pants!)

I took him out to his picnic table to play.. he loved pushing the snow off the table, and was even eating it! :)