getting ready..

to jump in the leaves!

Happy Birthday Munchkin!

Aidan had a great time with his family at his little birthday party.. he dug right into all of his gifts & LOVED all of the attention!

Of course, we had to have a Spiderman birthday party, since Aidan is completely obsessed with all things Spiderman.. Aidan also picked out his own party decorations, so we had to get a cake to match! :)

..blowing out his birthday candles..

..and Grandpa trying to sneak a bite of cake!

Daddy even had some cake, which was unusual, since my hubby doesn't like sweets!
(what a weirdo!)

Most of all, Aidan loved being able to visit & play with his cousins.. Hayley is almost walking now and Colt & Trent have always been favorites of Aidan's.. he wants to be a big boy like both of them!

Thank you to everyone that came & made Aidan's party extra special, we love you!



These look SO good!
I just had to share these cute little candy corn cupcakes with you,
I can totally see myself making these for Aidan's birthday when he gets older.. to share with his whole class at school! :)

..if you'd like to make them yourself, here's the link!


birthday boy!

2 years ago today, our lives changed & we became a family.. Aidan has brought so much joy to our lives and we can't believe how fast the time goes when you're a parent! Just a little cake for Aidan's special day.. it was so cute to watch him try to blow out his candles! :)

He was a little excited.. not too hungry though, he wanted to smear the cake & frosting everywhere! Okay big boy.. time for a bath!!!

We love you!

Chuck E. Cheese!

Tony & I decided to take Aidan to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday this afternoon, we were so glad that we did, there was hardly anyone there.. Aidan had so much fun running around & trying out EVERYTHING!

What a multi-tasker! ..talking to Daddy & driving at the same time! :)

Mommy & Daddy got in on the fun too.. I played skee-ball (terribly) and Tony did awesome at this football game!

Almost time to go.. "what prizes should I get?"

Aidan was so cute waving "bye-bye" to Chuck E... we had a blast here today!

playing in the leaves

Had so much fun taking the boys outdoors to play in the leaves the other day!

Aidan wouldn't sit still for a picture, but Micah was more than happy to pose for pictures! What a cutie!!

I LOVE Micah in the above picture.. the boys were having so much fun throwing all the leaves around!

They also took turns "riding" Grandma Mezo's cows.. and pointing out all of the ladybugs that we have around here lately.. Aidan found this one, that doesn't really have any spots!

Gull Meadow Farms!

Every year, we go to Gull Meadow Farms with the Bentons.. it was so fun, especially since Aidan can enjoy more of the fun this year!

The Bentons!

Aidan was all ready to go on this little train ride, but once the driver started to go.. Aidan wanted OUT!!! We even tried to sit Aidan with Kyle behind him, nope! Maybe next year...

This huge chair was so fun to take pictures in..

Aidan running through the obstacle course with Daddy..

Trying to get Aidan to go on the "jumping pillow"..

he finally got the hang of it & it was funny to watch him try to stay up as the other kids were jumping around him!

Picking out pumpkins!

Can't leave without having a donut & apple cider!


great uncles!

Aidan had so much fun meeting 4 of his great uncles that were in town visiting his Grandpa this weekend.. he kept all of them very entertained! Climbing up & down the stairs with Uncle Mike..

..eating dinner with the guys!

Most of all, Aidan loved playing with Grandpa..

I really think he wore my Dad out! :)

It was a great visit & the scenery at the cottage is so beautiful this time of year!


computer whiz

Now that we have the upstairs is pretty much finished.. Aidan is loving the fact that he can check out everything that he used to not be able to get into.. this week it's been the computer!

still working on it..

Aidan hasn't really gotten the use of a spoon down yet, seems as though he makes a huge mess.. and hardly gets any yogurt to his mouth! Oh well, he has so much fun trying! :)

pumpkin picking!

Last week, my mom & I took Aidan to see Gene the Pumpkin Man.. I haven't been there since I was younger, so it was fun to take Aidan there. He was excited to climb into the wagon & check out the pumpkins!

Too many to choose from!

Hmm.. do I want this one, or...

yep, this green pumpkin is perfect! (only our son would want a green pumpkin!)



We finally went & got pictures taken today.. it has been awhile! Here's some of our favorites..



Normally, when Micah is over, the two boys play in the living room & Aidan's bedroom, which is next to our bathroom.. well, while I was flipping through a magazine in the living room, I heard giggling coming from *what I thought* was Aidan's room.. nope, the two monsters were having a free-for-all in the bathroom!
Needless to say, there was lotion, bath cups & tissues everywhere! :)

I absolutely LOVE priceless look on Micah's face in the pic above.. "uh, oh.. Aidan, we got caught!"