Flashes of Our Lives- Week 10

I don't know why, but this week was especially hard for me.. 
I think that I was trying too hard to get the pictures, when I should have just
been snapping away.. oh well.. here's the photos I did get!

Our old deteriorating barn is all country to me!

Adalyn has been impossible to feed lately,
it's like she's playing games with me.. 
trying to play or making smiley faces at Daddy all the time!

Aidan was beyond ecstatic when he filled up his sticker card this week.. 
we keep track of his good behavior & he is rewarded by it,
this time with a coveted G.I. Joe toy that he had been wanting!
SO glad we have found a system that works perfect for him (& us!)


  1. He was especially good with Grammie & Grampie on Saturday...hope you gave him 2 stickers!!!

  2. I LOVE the barn picture!! The picture of Addie and her food made me smile :-) I so would love to hear more about your sticker reward system!