Valentine's Party!

I was so excited for today.. Aidan had his first Valentine's Day party to go to!

Our SAHM's playgroup sponsor is Gymboree.. so, the party was held there & it was a huge hit!
Aidan had so much fun running around & playing, I seriously need to think about signing him up for some more classes there!

We didn't get too many pictures, Tony & I were having too much fun chasing Aidan around! I was so happy that Tony got to leave work early today, as daddies were invited too! :)

In between all of the playing, all of the kids decorated their Valentine bags.. with a bit of help from Mommy!

Aidan was excited to check out his goodies when we got home, I loved all of the little homemade cards!

Aidan loved all of the candy!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. so fun! Aidan can I have some m&ms ;-)

  2. Oh what a good time! Look at Aidan's cute little face!

  3. Aidan looks pretty happy with the letter H. Those treats sure do look good!!!!