Tot School- Letter H

Tot School

We are changing things up a bit for Aidan's Tot School.. instead of a letter a week , we are focusing on a letter for 2 weeks. Aidan has loved all of the activities, but I find it a bit rushed, and want to spend more time on each letter with him!

Here's our 2 weeks of the letter H!

Putting hearts on his alphabet book H.

Aidan loved coloring this Many Colored Hearts printable with Daddy.. each heart was a different color & we made it into a book when he was finished!

Love how hard he concentrated on this!

A heart cut-out & match activity.. I found a whole book full of these cut & paste sheets on clearance at Walmart!

Another big hit this week was his Tag reader!
I ♥ this toy so much!
This was a gift from Aunt Lisa for Christmas, and he is finally starting to get into it! We bought him a new book this week, Cars of course.. so he had to share it with Grammie!

Playing hide & go seek..
although, Aidan just hid.. in the same spot, under the clothes basket!

Aidan helped make Valentine Rice Krispie Treat hearts for Mommy's MOPS group.. he loved shaking the sprinkles on!

I personally tried one, and they were so yummy! Aidan didn't want his, so I ate that one too!

Making a hippo face, although Daddy thinks it looks like a gorilla.. oh yeah.. someone please remind me NEVER to buy generic printer ink again, it is awful!

We ended our letter H weeks with Daddy making hamburgers for lunch after we got home from church!
Don't ya love Aidan's pinky sticking up in the air?
He's sooo proper! :)

Have a great week!


  1. oo what a fun week! I love the hippo and the hamburger looks delicious! Sammy refuses to eat hamburger or hot dogs w/ the bun.. he just wants the meat :-P The pinky cracked me up!

  2. Okay, I'm pretty sure those are the prettiest rice krispies treats I've ever seen!

    Don't you love how 2 years olds "hide" while playing that game? Too funny!

  3. Aidan is so sweet! Sophie is just started getting into her Tag Jr. I have been meaning to ask you, do you digital scrapbook? If so any great places for me to start?

  4. M'kay now I'm REALLY hungry for a hamburger! :)
    As usual you've created such a fun week for Aidan!! Great job. :)

  5. So neat Theresa! And I agree the rice krispie treats looked so tasty... your MOPS ladies were lucky to be on the receiving end.

  6. I made a little collage on Photoshop (on my tot school letter O post) this week. Thanks for all of your help!

  7. Your treats look great! And the "hiding" part made me smile, because lately when we can't find something my toddler tells me it is hiding! looks like a fun week.