first snowman!

Aidan & I have been going a bit stir crazy, so we bundled up today and went outside!
The snow is perfect packing snow right now, so we built a snowman!

I forgot I had my camera on me, I wish I would have taken pictures of Aidan trying to roll a snowball.. it was quite funny!
Oh well.. while Mommy gave our snowman a face, he searched for the perfect sticks for arms..

..then stood back to admire his masterpiece!

Not bad for a first time! :)

Aidan also played in his playhouse, and loved sliding into the snow.. it was almost impossible to get him to come inside!


  1. What a GREAT snowman!!!

  2. oo what a fun day!! The snowman turned out great! Our snow if finally melting! I can see grass.. but we are suppose to get about an inch today.. then I have heard some crazy talk about snow on Monday in the way huge double digits!

  3. Cute snowman! We made our first snowmen this week. I loved how Aiden enjoyed playing out in the snow on his playset!

  4. Oh well done, Aidan!! First snowman... aw, we're gonna miss ou on that! Boo!