Tot School- Letter G

Tot School

Last week was so much fun!
Here's a look into our week, learning about the letter G!

Putting glitter on the G's for his alphabet book! This was NOT a good idea on Mommy's part, there was glitter EVERYWHERE!!

Making a giraffe craft with Daddy.. I got the idea for this craft here. Aidan loves to make fingerprints with stamp pads, so this was right up his alley.

Making goop..
I found this idea the book First Art (love this book!)
I was so excited about making this with Aidan, & thought he would love making a mess with it.. turns out, he was horrified by it, and wanted NOTHING to do with it once I had it all mixed.

Here is Aidan standing far away from the goop, and crying..! :(

So.. we moved to another room and practiced our colors.. I found these clips at the dollar store, and had him attach the clips to the correct cards. He liked this activity. :)

I especially loved his "aha!" moment when he figured out how to attach the clips to the cards.

Gummi-bear sorting! More color practice.. and a bit of snacking too! I don't let Aidan have too much sugar, so this was a treat for him!

We ended the week by making gingerbread cookies!

Aidan loved helping out in the kitchen, and it was hard to pry him away from the rolling pin!

I let him just touch & play before we made cookies..

He rolled the dough so flat, that it mostly stuck to the countertop! My toddler was losing patience by the second.. so, we quickly rolled up the dough & made gingersnaps instead!

As some of you know, Aidan's favorite movie is CARS, and he is obsessed with anything related to that movie. To end our G week, he was given "Guido" as a gift!

Needless to say, he loved it!

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  1. What a week! I don't like to use a lot of glitter either. I end up seeing it for weeks after sweeping it up. Ugg! I always get worried that she'll get some in her eyes. Nice clips - I'll have to look for those at the dollar store. My daughter just learned how to open them today. She was about to get frustrated ... but we took a short break , I talked her through it, and she finally did it. I was so excited! You son looks like he has no problem opening them!

  2. aww love the letter G week! I had to laugh at the goop.. that sounds like something Sammy would do! We love Cars at our house too.. I think I am going to get my Tot School post up today.. there aren't very many activities.. but something is better than nothing.

  3. I am so impressed with all your ideas that you do with Aidan. I wish I would have had time to have done the same when you were small. Great advantages of being a "stay at home mom."
    Keep up the good work you are doing with him...Tony too!!!!

  4. What a fun week! Love the gummi bear sorting and the gingersnaps look sooo yummy! Poor things looks terrified of the goop... I don't blame him, the stuff IS a little strange! :)

  5. I really enjoy looking at your Tot School posts Theresa! It looks like so much fun... great ideas!

  6. What neat activities! We just finished E this week, so I might need to pop back over in a couple weeks to remind myself of the "G" activities (well, maybe not the glitter, ha ha!)

    That giraffe is ADORABLE! Did you design him yourself, or is there a pattern online somewhere?

  7. I like the giraffe--cute! And the gingersnaps and gummy bears make a yummy way to learn about G! Neat ideas, even if he didn't like the goop! Maybe he'll like it when he's older. : )