happy pancake day!

Today was National Pancake Day!
(I had no idea either.. just found out on a whim doing an internet search last night..)
Anyways, Aidan was excited.. it gave us an excuse to make pancakes together for breakfast!

Aidan LOVES to help in the kitchen! His new favorite word is "help".. and I was happy to let him!

Yummy little pancakes!

Little piggy had 5 pancakes! :)


  1. It is good to let him "help".
    Gives him confidence in himself.
    Good looking pancakes, wish I could have been there for breakfast.

  2. oo so fun! I love finding little activities like this to do with Sammy :-)

  3. I love letting my little girl "help" in the kitchen. I know those memories will be so special to both of us one day.

  4. Oh my these look YUMMY! (stomach growling now)