pirate's island!

This past weekend, we went to a birthday party at Pirate's Island, the new indoor water park that is SUPER popular right now!

I was so excited to take Aidan, and had been looking forward to the party all week!

Unfortunately, Aidan wanted nothing to do with the water, and barely even got his feet wet.. we spent most of the time walking around, while Tony & I tried our best to coax him into the kiddie area.. it didn't work.

Getting our feet wet.. surprised that he splashed! :)

Mommy trying to act silly & get Aidan to come join her..
nope, just me looking silly all alone! :)

Aidan kept saying "no wet, no wet!"

Aidan thought Mommy was goofy, and ran away from her all afternoon! :)

Daddy lucked out & finally got Aidan to float with him in the lazy river.. as long as he didn't get wet!


I went on the waterslides with Michelle! SO much fun!

We took a bunch of trips on the lazy river together that afternoon.. our little guy barely got his suit wet!

We have another birthday party to go to this weekend at the same place.. hopefully Aidan will change his mind about getting in the water! :)


  1. oo it looks like so much fun! I am totally have envy over getting to swim! I love the water! Does Aidan usually like to swim? If so I would think maybe bribing him to get into the water w/ something he likes then maybe he would remember how much he loves the water... just a thought!

    I love the family shot on the lazy river :-)

  2. You all looks SO happy! Adian is such a peanut! :) James used to be the same way about water and since we were about to move back to Bermuda, I realized this would just not do! Living on an island and being afraid of water?! We enrolled him in swimming lessons and now we CANNOT get him OUT of the water! LOL

    Do you have an indoor swimming pool nearby? You could enroll him in lessons or just take him for a fun time with silly mama! ;)

  3. Aidan, you have to get used to the water.
    So we can be at the pool at the campground this year.