yay.. a blog award!

I just read through my comments, and found out that Susan from Chasing Marcus passed along
the Lemonade Stand Award to me! This blog award is presented to a blogger who shows
great attitude and gratitude.
(aw, thanks!)

It is amazing to me that since I have started Tot School with our son, I have found a TON of mothers out there that are just like me, and I LOVE to read about your adventures!

Now, here's the fun part.. I get to pass this award on to other people! Here are the blogs that I LOVE to read, and the women that I think are amazing & inspiring to me!
In no particular order:

The Adventures of Bear
Counting Coconuts
Bytes of Memory
My Little Life
A Mommy Talks
5 Minutes For Mom
The Devisser Family
The Jastifer Family
Mama Jenn


  1. Thanks for the award! I am glad that you have found ideas on my blog. It is exactly why I started it, in hopes to inspire moms out there!


  2. aww thanks! I gave you an award today too!! to funny!

  3. Thanks so much for the award. It brought a smile to my face to read your kind words.

  4. Ha! This is too funny - I was just checking out your blog to see what awards you've won (because I have one for you - see my post tomorrow) and here I find you've given on to ME! Thank you so much!! :)