Having dinner with Aidan is definitely an experience!

First & foremost, we ALWAYS eat together as a family at the dinner table.. Aidan runs to Daddy, screaming "dinner's ready!" and he quickly scrambles to his seat.. we were blessed with a fantastic eater, he'll pretty much try anything & love it!

Tonight's menu was garlic chicken & noodles.. I was trying to get Aidan on camera stuffing his face.. but caught him slurping his noodles for the first time!

Oh yeah.. when he's done eating, he's DONE!

As you can see, Aidan is a pretty messy eater.. tonight was no exception, I later found noodles on the blinds & wall! :)


  1. hehe loved it slurping and all! Gotta love big eaters!

  2. What a CUTIE! Sounds just like James - he'll eat anything anytime! LOL